Don't Really Like My Eleiko Bar

I have used the newer training bars and it is definitely a sharper knurl than the older competition bars, but I have no idea if the new cimp bars have followe suit or not. Fwiw I never found the knurl THAT sharp, so long as you strap up for pulls, and triples when snatching.

tip: buy a light file and tone the knurling down a bit.
this actually only applies if you own a bar or if you’re friends with someone who does (and agrees to do it). it takes about an hour, brush off the bar thoroughly with a toothbrush when you’re done to make sure there aren’t any residuals on the bar.

i literally spent a whole month with open wounds on my both hands while I trained with an Uesaka bar. never again, lesson learned.

now i train most days on a commercial gym where the bar has barely no knurling at all (some actually have none), i don’t know what’s worse…

good luck