Don't Really Like My Eleiko Bar

Crazy I know, but the bar is so damn rough. The first time I used it I tore my quads open. I had giant scabs on them for about 2 weeks. I now have to wear tights every time I use it. I have since torn 4 pairs of tights. The knurl is so agressive I can barely maintain a hook grip without getting blood blisters on my thumbs. I have a training bar purchased in 2012.

Anyone else have an issue such as this? I have an old DiMarco bar that that I bought from Glenn Pendlay that I love to lift on still. I just feel wierd going for my old bar when I have a 900 dollar bar just sitting there.

I can’t describe my hatred in words. I would pay good money for that bar.

Dude Eleiko bars blow. OK they don’t blow but if you have soft baby hands like me, that shit will tear you apart.

There are two 2012 compatition bars at my gym. One is like holding broken glass. One is perfect. Brilliant. If I had to use the super knurled one all the time my hands would have no flesh left! Feel your pain mate.

lol whimps lol

Never had any issues with any of the Eleiko bars I’ve ever used, and I’ve used a lot over the past 13yrs.

OP you could take some sand paper to it?


Sounds like you arent pulling well if you are scraping the hell out of your quads. As for the hands, put some tape on it and wait for them to adapt.

Chalk+hands+man the fuck up = you lift better.

Texas power bars are lovely. It makes your grip lazy though on the DL if you dont pay attention.

[quote]harrypotter wrote:
Chalk+hands+man the fuck up = you lift better.


what he said …

and you have problems with your pull

there are photos around of the Russians in Munich, Rigert, Kolotov, Ivanchenko, no shirts, but all in track pants, most cut off below the knee.

done for a reason

Well this is how I pull. I know it is not close to perfect (as evident by the continued misses). You can see that I am wearing shorts, tights, and a knee brace to cover a 5 x 5 inch scab on my thigh. My hands hurt but that is not the issue. If the bar ever grazes my thighs without clothing over them, it will tear them open. Just seems like knurling on a weightlifting bar does not need to be that sharp. My gym is in Oklahoma where it is 110+ degrees in the summer, I have no air conditioning, and I don’t want to have to wear pants just to use a certain bar.

 Wha Wha right? I am not sure that all bars made by Eleiko are this sharp, but no other lifters at my place want to use it either. I am considering sanding or filing the knurl towards the center, but I am concerned that it will ruin the chrome finish on the bar and possibly void the waranty.

actually the misses look like it was out in front because of your knurling issue,

have not used an eleiko for a long time, was sharp then, but have to say , from what you described I thought you pull would be much worse, your pull issues look like they are because of the bar.

your technique is not perfect, but looks fine, and compatible to the weights you are lifting,

my wife promised me an Eleiko after I sold my hobby car, (A$2,400 or around US$2,450), maybe that will make you feel better

Not sure how you are cutting up so easily. Lifts look fine. Your skin is just wet and you will get use to it. Or wear one of those thicker short thermal/ under pant things. They are a type of neoprene sort of material, comparatively much thicker than lycra.


I think you wouldve made the 145kg CJ if you could lower yourself a bit more in J part.

The gym I’m at now got a brand new Eleiko training bar today (white ends) and I think the knurling is a bit mean. I’ve trained with other Eleiko bars (blue ends, yellow women’s bar ends) and I don’t think their knurling was as mean. I got to train with a women’s competition bar once (I’m a chick) and that bar was WONDERFUL. i still dream about that bar i miss it so very very much :frowning: The knurl was perfect and it didn’t have a center knurl to make it look like someone had been choking me after cleans…

My tights are a bit worn over the quads from Oly lifting over the years but they have holes in them properly from today. I think I get where OP is coming from…

Are they making the knurling rougher now?

Chalk the bar up. It’ll take the edge off it a bit.


oh. that’s a good idea. funny but today i was doing the opposite - the knurl is so textured i barely need to use chalk at all. but it will help soften it, as you say :slight_smile:

[quote]alexus wrote:
oh. that’s a good idea. funny but today i was doing the opposite - the knurl is so textured i barely need to use chalk at all. but it will help soften it, as you say :-)[/quote]
alexus! I know this forum is near dead and all, but stop leaving! :stuck_out_tongue:


just an observation.
Get your head up. You walk around the whole time with your head down. You can focus just as well with your head up instead of looking at the floor. You walk up to the bar with your head down and rarely look up or straight ahead until you pull. I’m gonna guess and say thats your general posture outside of the gym as well. This hurts your bottom position in the catch. Cause at that point with maximum weight you better damn sure have a straight spine or its gonna fall off, just like in your misses. And if you spend all your time outside of the gym and pre-lifting with that posture, then getting straight in the bottom of the hole just ain’t gonna happen. The body will say “what the hell is this? now we’re suppose to be straight?” Get your head up, get your shoulders rotated back and work on keeping a straight spine, and not just when you lift. My god it scares me to think what you could put up with a posture adjustment. Oh, and for what its worth, it will help prevent serious shoulder problems as you age.

Why am i saying all this? Because i do/did the same damn thing and the older you get the harder it is to break the habit. It wasn’t until i was seeing PT expert for shoulder issues when he said off-hand “your posture sucks”. He didn’t use those words, but its what i heard and it was more important than anything else he said or did. That and watching Kelly Starrett on “” youtube him and go watch some of his stuff and watch his posture, then look at your vids and your posture.

I’d say at minimum it will put 10Kg on your lifts.


good thing i do too sweaty,rusty, rough bars is just grab the chalk, rub it back in forth all over the knurling then i take my hand and literally jerk the bar off going up and down all of the knurling to work in the chalk. Should make it slightly smoother. And dont scrape down your calusses!

If u really hate it that much I would consider buying it off ya…

I have heard others complain recently about sharp knurling on Eleiko training bars. So you are not alone.

The advice above on posture is excellent.