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Don't Put Your Guard Up Ever!





Were the announcers talking about "entertaining the gringos"


All that warming up, stretching, strutting, only to end up out cold!



Damn, he was just figuring out the distance and timing when he got knocked out.


Think about how much sooner it would have ended if the other guy could throw a decent punch.


This picture caused a fucking roar of a laugh.


I don't know, those gloves look huge. Seems like if would be like trying to knock someone out in a pillow fight.


The commentators were having a ball. I need a translation lol.


Those two announcers are pissing themselves lol, AIEEEEE! HAHAHA!

I'd love to know what they're saying. All I got was gringo and hysterical laughter.


lol what a right cross to start the fight.


They weren't saying "gringo", they were saying "Rigo" as in one of the dudes names. My Spanish is super rusty and I couldn't really hear, but pretty sure Rigo is the dude landing the shots, and they were laughing and dropping his name after he was ragdolling the other guy. Also, that cartoon "boink" after every hit was awesome.


no, the dude in the white is a gringo. they say that that he is a soldier and he got there at seven that night and wanted to box. apparently, that bar will let any dudes who want to get in the ring and box. both of those guys are amateurs and both are probably wasted. also, while the dude in white is "warming up" they're saying things like "look at how muscular he is!"... "look at his amazing flexibility"... "who would dare fight this man?!" and then proceed to make fun of him while he gets wailed on.


His skin is darker than the other dudes. How can he be a gringo?


"Noooo Van Damme" HA!


Ughh the ending of the video with the fucken ZOoming in n out. Seriously 2nd World countries need to learn better camera skillz they this corny shit in all of there day time programming to try and create "Drama", all it does is make me nauseous


Funny shit.

I thoroughly enjoyed the commentary. Much more entertaining than the fight itself.


Gringo is used to describe any foreigner, at least according to wiki.