Don't O.H. squat without a spotter

Just a warning to anyone who has never done Overhead Squats before who wants to try them: Always have a spotter! I probably would have broken every bone in my body today if I didn’t have a spotter. I lost my balance and started to tip backwards. Luckily, my spotter caught me and held me up. I’ve been doing them for over a month, but I think they must take quite a long time to master.

provided you are flexible enough, when you tip backward you are supposed to drop the bar backwards like OLers do when they fail a snatch

You’ve been doing OH squats for a month now??? How many times have you done it? 4-6 maybe…hahahahahahahahaahhahahaha. Keep at it for another decade son. OH Squats take quite awhile to master with some decent weight.

Take your time on learning this lift and don’t use such a heavy weight that it is difficult to control. Spend significant time understanding your range of motion in your hips and shoulders, balance and stabilization strength. You may also like to consider learning the Drop Snatch (Snatch Balance) and Overhead Lunges to help you. In faith, Coach Davies

Even though Patman failed to mention it, I am his spotter…

I don’t mean that I think a month is a long time, I just mean that even though my balance and flexibility have already improved significantly, as well as the amount of weight I can use, I know I still have a long way to go. I just didn’t want newbies who see this exercise going out and trying it with lots of weight and getting killed.

How is the Drop Snatch performed?

Kittie can curl what you OH? Way to go Kittie! Ha-haaa.

I don’t OH yet, but maybe one day…