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Don't Need a Stimulus, Need Larger Cabinet

With each nomination to Obama’s cabinet, our coffers fill up with that much more tax money.

I think he needs to have a million man cabinet.

Yesterday, the husband of the Labor nominee Solis, who omitted the fact that she used to be a part of a pro-union lobbyist group that spent $200k last year in her “revelation” to Congress, paid the $6400 in taxes he owed on his business, some of which has been owed for 16 years. But by God, she didn’t know about it.

4 different nominees, 4 accidental oversights on their own taxes. They sure paid up though. Now one them collects taxes from we the people. Only 2 had the vision to see that they were making Obama look like an idiot and stepped down.

Could this have been made up? Who could be scared of the IRS… clearly they’re incompetent.

The IRS only comes after the honest citizen who makes the honest mistake. Then they come at you with threats of penalties and interest. Who would think to audit politically connected people, we all know they pay their taxes in a timely accurate manner.

No wonder liberals are so fond of higher taxes…they don’t pay them.

I am surprised that anyone is surprised by this. But Alex jones is a kook, the people who have the power are really honest good people who care about the little guy. (rolls eyes) I’m glad the Dems are here to save the day though.


Yea and if I make my quarterly tax deposit late the late fee is $26. I wonder if they had a late fee on 16 years? With IRS penalties and interest that should clear up our national debt.