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Don't Mess with a Man's Bacon



I believe I just may rethink my stance on beating children.



Aww... he's soooo cute. Even his anger makes me chuckle. I just wanna pinch his chubby cheeks so bad :slight_smile:


That kid is really smart and articulate for his age, plus he's standing up for himself. Yes he's chubby, but they should have hired a nutritionist who stresses balance and moderation, not some organic food pseudo science douchebag who thinks the only way to live is to eat alfalfa sprouts and free range, grass fed unicorn meat.




As someone else mentioned, the kid is really smart for his age.


Not just smart, but CONFIDENT! I mean, he's what...somewhere around 10 or 12? How many kids like that can even talk to adults in complete sentences representing fully formed ideas, all when in an emotional state? Especially when that adult is assuming the position of authority figure, over that kids own parents?

The kid's going to be president. Or maybe a very influential producer of interactive cyberbrain pornography. Either way, he's going to make a mark on the world (assuming he doesn't die young from complications of diabetes).


Agreed. He needs a Bas Rutten liver punch, delivered mid-sentence...


Bitch better not mess with his Bacon!!! I think he is pretty clear on that...


If that wasn't staged that kid is razor sharp. He didn't scream or resort to name calling, he took what she said and steamrolled it and she had no immediate retort. That was actually pretty impressive. Also, she looked like she had some nice fakies.


I'm surprised that child is willing to eat the animal he hath descended from...


The asshole usually doesn't fall far from the asshole tree. I'm betting mom and dad go back and forth like that every single day.


I initially read: I'm surprised that child is willing to beat the animal he hath descended from...


This is from an episode of Wife Swap - the kid's actual mother is with the other family.

The family in the clip ate nothing but fried food, the kid had total control over what he ate, and he was called the "little king".

The other family were health nuts (dad was a personal trainer) and refused to give his kids treats at all.


Smart kid or not, that little fucker needs to be locked in his room with veggies occasionally slid under the door until he learns some fucking respect and manners.

edit: didn't realize that was from Wife Swap. What a piece of shit show that is! And disappointing - there are some much better videos online that involve wife swapping, no need to watch this crap!


I checked some episodes of this show. I can see why they pick certain "specimens"...


The replies to this thread are funny as fuck!

Well done, T-Nation!



They called the kid "King Curtis", not "little king" (my bad):

Part one of the full episode for all you Wife Swap fans:


How have you guys not seen this before? This is old internet news.


^ I didn't even know it had achieved meme status until today. I happened to catch that particular ep. and the kid's bare-faced sass stuck in my memory.