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Don't Look Back


So it is time to get serious. Well, as serious as I can be!! A few of you know me already because I'm a regular over at Get a Life. My name is Cara, I just turned 35 a few weeks ago (tear), and I've been lifting sporadically since 2001. I had a great start with a good trainer who taught me alot. Unfortunately, I'm not good at putting myself first. I have been hiding behind the "My daughter needs me" excuse for awhile now.

Now that she is a teenager, I can concentrate on myself more. I was also drinking two times a week and it was starting to take over my life. I've been on the wagon for six weeks now and feel great. (^:

I'm not going to lie, I'm a total wannabe Powerful Women!! My numbers are stinkier then a dirty hooker on a hot summer day. The two things I am focused on right now is my bench press which is only 85 lbs and squatting which is only the bar or 20 lbs added. I know that sounds messed up cause my squat weight is lower but due to an operation for a bleeding cyst at the beginning of the year I don't want to chance a hernia.

I am trying to get my form down and stop using the mirror. My chain is really weak right now. I will post more details later, I don't believe in long winded posts!!


Glad to see your stinky dirty hooker ass over here :slightly_smiling:


Welcome. If nothing else, you have a way with words that will make you a welcome addition.


Thanks. And many thanks to the magic mod who fixes my run on paragraghs!!


Thank you, I will try my best to not get too out of hand!! I really admire you gals and hope to get something good going this time.


It's about DAMN TIME!! Good to see here, and hope you stay awhile :wink:



I am hoping to get into PLing sometime in the future. I like lifting heavy despite alot of unsupportive people in my life. As much as I sound like a newb here, I only see one or two other women in the free weight area. Two weeks ago, I noticed chalk on the squat rack and wondered when these people are here. Like the unicorn, I have yet to see it. Even the guys I see are dependent on machines and such. I guess this is what I get for 26.99 a month!! If anyone knows any hardcore gyms south of Boston, feel free to chime in.

As far as diet goes, I don't believe in them. I've been on a million different diets and nothing worked for the long term. I can remember when I was 8 and my mother was on a 800 calorie diet and it all went downhill from there. I will stick to three meals a day for now and see what happens. I found for me it was tough eating 5-6 times a day, like my life revolved around food. Down the line I am hoping to get more cooking skills so I don't have to survive on chicken, tuna, and broccoli!!


Thanks, mom in MD! I have been on the fence for awhile about starting a log, but I have to call myself out!! Originally, I was going to call this My Random Log but instead I chose my fav lifting song of the moment by Boston.


Nice to see you here!


I feel the same way about the 5-6 meal/day deal..

I keep it simple: eat when hungry, stop when almost full.. :wink: But there good foods..protein, veggies/fruit blah blah blah..

It usually ends up being 3 meals and a snack..sometimes not even the snack!


I am an avid log reader so I am looking forward to your log Tootles!

I may have to start one of my own.

I love seeing all the different routines you folks are doing so it will be great to get an idea of how you train also.




Am I the only one that's shocked there are no cat pictures yet? :slight_smile:


Thanks PMPM, the facebook addiction is wearing off...

WTF India?!?!? You are a goof.


I'm not sure what I am going to do tonight. I just came home from the gym and drinking my Surge, it's going to be late if I eat something in a few hours. I'm hanging out with a friend (Wednesday used to be a drinking night) so maybe I will bring a chicken burger with me just in case. I will post my workout in a few.


DO IT!! We can be log newbs together!!


Today's episode:

Squat day!! I usually save them for days when I can do a morning workout cause I'm still nancy pants. My rest is usually a minute, except for squats maybe 1:20. I gotta get a watch. Warmed up for 15 min on the Precor.

1 set-45 lbs-8 rep
3 sets-65 lbs-8 rep
2 sets-85 lbs-6 rep
1 set-65 lbs-8 rep

Military Press
5 sets-45 lbs-8 rep

Single leg ham curl
5 sets-25 lbs each leg-6 rep

Leg Extension
2 sets-70 lbs-8 rep
2 sets-75 lbs-8 rep
2 sets-80 lbs-8 rep

Notes: 25 mins of the Precor after weights. While I was on the ham curl, I was checking out this hot guy and then he ruined it for me by using the squat rack to do arm curls. Worse then a wedding ring. When I am warming up on leg day, I call it 15 min of dread because I'm hoping no one steals my favorite rack (there are two). Heaven forbid I be flexible. On the leg extension, I was stuck on 70 lbs for like 6 weeks. I threw the military press in because I won't make it to the gym tomorrow and because I want to work up to some overhead press/squats. Fire away!


I know, right?!?! I am even going to throw up a real pic of me for my avatar. Some people don't realize that I'm a girl cause I'm such a jackass!



Right now I am obsessed with getting as healthy as possible. I've been using Superfood and Flameout religiously since Feb 1st. I drink four cups of green tea a day and started drinking V8 (yuck). I am starting Rez-V in a few days once I get my shipment gets here. I've taken it before but only a bottle here or there. I think my biggest help has been Surge.

In the beginning of my getting back to the gym, I would have been run down like before if I wasn't drinking it. I have one tub of vanilla MD but that will prob be around for awhile. Chocolate is the best in my book. I can't do any stimulatants due to problems with them in the past so I use the green tea to get me through tough workouts.


It's okay, I had to put up a pic of me smiling because I'm pretty sure most people thought/think I'm just a massive bitch ALL the time. I have nice moments.