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Don't let the fuckers walk on your back...!

I’M FUCKING PISSED!!! So here I am with this chick and we’re getting a bit touchy-feely, it’s all good, and she says she’s been trained by a professional to do that ‘walk on your back’ massage. So I figure if she’s been professionally trained then I can’t hurt, so she jumps up and gets too it. Now I told her about 50 fucking times to stay away from my spine, so what does the idiot wench do… jam her heal into my mid-upper back, right on the edge of a vertabrae and skew the fucker half a damn foot to the rigth… she cried out first 'cos she felt it… all I could do was stare blankly thinking, “…not my back, not my back, not my back…” I didn’t feel any pain at first (5 days ago), but now I can’t train. And just as I was starting week 2 of Bring The Pain! Time to call the doc. Moral - don’t let the fuckers walk on your back!!!

But it was for a good cause at the time!

Women aren’t fuckers… they’re fuckees.

First question…was she naked when she did this? If she looks good maybe it could be excused…well maybe. Secondly…get your doc to give you some vioxx…I had some problems with my back and it helped a lot. The bad news is you’ll have to lay off training for a while to let it heal. I just kept working out when my back got screwed up and it never healed. I had to lay off for a couple of months. It killed me to not work out but I had to. If she was naked send us the pics.

I must disagree. I have had my back walked on many times and everytime without exception it has really helped relieve stress in my back. I have several friends who do this for me everytime they see me I have never had a problem in fact it has relieved pain for me. I had a guy friend of mine walk on it who weights well over 350 and it did wonders for my back. I guess it depends on the person what your back can and cannot handle. Mine is great.