Don't Laugh, but any news on Rocky VI?

OK, I’ll admit it…I’m a Rocky fanatic. I workout to the soundtrack, I have the Rocky I- Rocky V on DVD and VHS, I love it. So, with that said, anyone have any new information on Rocky VI? I’ve heard a tentative date of June 2004, but I don’t know how reliable the source is…

no new info.

I was surprised to see how stoked I was when I saw Sly kick off Mon. Night FB a few weeks back. It should be sick.

I thought the whole story was finished as soon as the Rocko was back to being poor and destitute? I had no idea they were looking at a VI. I just hope it’s better than V—that was some serious cheese.

Rathman, I’ll bite, Rocky V was definitely the worst in the series…I personally like Rocky IV the best, just the whole training sequence when he’s in Russia is just incomprehensible to me…

The last Rocky was terrible, one punch during the fight at the end was horrible, you actually see rocky miss the guy by an inch or more, then the stereotypical explosion sound of the punch. All the others were great though.

Rocky V was never made. Period.

As for Rocky VI, Sly is coming out with high own line of nutritional supplements because people always ask him what he did to get ready for the Rocky movies.

Hey there’s no shame in being a fan of the Italian Stallion…well unless you’re the guy from my high school who had that on his front license plate. What a tool.

How about everyone’s favorite Rocky quote? A few of mine:

“Cajones. It’s latin for spanish nut.” - Paulie

“I must break you.” - Ivan Drago

k rocky is 54 and he is gonna fight again…that sounds pretty lame to me

Yeah, it would be totally incomprehensible that an old, formerly sucessful boxer could possibly come back and say. . . regain the heavyweight title. I mean, that’s never happened has it? Not in 1994, that’s for sure.


As far as quotes go…