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Don't Know Where To Start...

Hey I’ve been reading these forums for awhile now and I’ve finally decided to join and ask for some help. I’m 15 and Just getting back into sports now and I want to try out for the Rugby team come Spring and do some boxing.

Only problem is I’m about 160 pounds weak as shit and in fairly bad shape cardio wise. I’ve gone to a few boxing classes already and I can tell that I’m going to need alot more work in basically all areas and I thought the best place to start with advice on workouts and dieting guides would be this since its by far the most informative.

If someone could give me a good Idea on where to start to rebuild myself it would be greatly appreciated.
(If you need me to give more info on how i’m doing cardio wise or w/e I can try but to warn you I’m not that sure where I’m at

Start by correcting any weak spots you have, bad shoulder, underdeveloped hams, weak glutes… whatever. Its best to do most correcting work one side at a time (unilaterally) so you can really focus on good form.

Make your movements slow and controlled. Try 2-4 sets of 6-10 reps 3-4 days a week with a weight that isn’t going to make it easy or hard. Your goal isn’t building mass or endurance, just enough strength to get the weak spots up to par with the rest of you.
Do this for a few weeks and when you feel ready to move on, don’t, keep correcting for another week.

People get all impatient and wind up moving on before they’re ready and that just leads to injury. I don’t think its wise to skip this beginning period and go straight into a training program because it doesn’t just bring your body to a good starting point, it prepares you mentally and gives you some weight experience to know what kind of training you like for yourself.

Read over some nutrition articles to see what the basic sport nutrition and supplements are.

youve done the first step and started thats the hard one now its being consistant.

Take steps add a thing at a time weights Id say three full body sessions doing comppound money lifts like TBT etc. one push, one pull, one legs, and abs call it a day.

Start by adding one cardio session to that. then slowly get used to it. Nail them make them habit add one thing at a time.

Raed the beginner thread read the articles ask questions and above all put the info to use.


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