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Don't Know When to Quit T-ransformation 2018 Log



As difficult it is to post “before” pictures on the internet, I’m stepping up to participate in this challenge to help me maintain my focus on achieving my goals. I’m 6ft and will be turning 45 in February. Back in June of 2017, I hit a lifetime high (or low) of 260lbs. In the summer of 2016, I had a whitewater rafting accident that resulted in ankle surgery. Although I recovered and was back on the water, training wasn’t a priority. Once I hit 260lbs, I couldn’t stand myself. Since June of 2017, I dropped down to 230lbs by November but hit a plateau. I decided to take the opportunity to focus on being anabolic through the holidays and started C.T.'s Best Damn Workout for Natural Lifters.

At this time, I’m 5 weeks into it and weigh 236.4lbs. I’ve made strength and muscle density gains over the last 5 weeks. I plan to stick to it for 6 weeks and then change up the routine. My overall goal is to get down to 200lbs. In my mid thirties, I trained like a bodybuilder and achieved fantastic results so I have a lot of experience to draw from. However, now that I’m in my mid forties, it’s a whole another game.

So here are my “before” pics at 236.4lbs. I’ll post on my diet, supplementation, training and challenges later.

Official 2018 T-ransformation Announcement Thread

My current supplement stack includes the following. It’s quite a bit but I also have a 16yr son that is training hard plus my wife so we all share the amino acids.

Daily supplements:
Vitamin D3
Biotest Flameout
Biotest Hot-Rox
Biotest Rez-V
Biotest indigo-3G

BSN Nitrix
BSN NO Xplode
ON Micronized Creatine
ON Beta-Alanine

During Workout & Recovery:
ON Amino Energy
Scivation Xtend
Biotest Metabolic Drive


Saturday’s workout…

The top number is the weight in pounds. The bottom number is the rep.

When doing sled work, I count the length of the turf as 1 rep (~20 yards). So down and back is 2 reps. Each set is 2 reps.

I’m doing weighted dips using a belt/chain.


Sunday’s workout…


Damn man you’re back is pretty thick. I think you’re in a great place to start off! You’ll look awesome at a low bodyfat %. In for your log.


@duketheslaya thanks for checking out my log! I’m feeling good about my strength and current muscle mass so yeah, dropping the BF% while preserving muscle is they key over the next 6mo.


Good luck man, it will make it easier having your son and Mrs on side too. That stack of supplements looks like it would be a small fortune!
My son used to lift with me (I only let him do bodyweight stuff) , but now being 12 he hasn’t got the interest, maybe a couple of years and he’ll be into it.


@I_Luc Thanks! My son wasn’t interested much either at 12 but when he turned 14, he was all in. Now that he’s 16, gym is life! Working out together has been priceless. He’s 6’2" and has made ridiculous gains! I have to remind him he has a great trainer. :wink: His desire to lift was my motivation to get serious again. Yeah, supplements have been a bit of an investment lately with the Indigo-3G being really pricey. I just started that so we’ll see if it stays in the line up.


Good luck man. You definitely have some good slabs of muscle hiding under there, so it’s time to uncover it! Ill be following along.


@littlesleeper Thanks for following!


Monday 1/8/18, last day of week 5. After 6 days of lifting, I’m feeling gassed and ready for my day off tomorrow. I did ok on my lifts today but it felt harder. I intended to do cardio but slipped. My wife and son were working out too and we all felt like bailing for some dinner.

Dramatic swing on the scale this morning, dropping 3lbs in 24hrs, weighing 234.4lbs. I’ll just say my gut digestion seems off and leave it at that.


Tuesday 1/9/18

Today was a rest day but it wasn’t very restful. Long day chasing winter steelhead but it was worth it. Came home with some quality protein!


Although I checked out on maintaining my posts, I haven’t quit on my goal. Since my original post in January, I actually gained about 10lbs from Jan-April due to travel for work and pleasure. I kept training but diet was off, mainly alcohol. But Since April, I corrected the course and have dropped ~20lbs. I’m in the zone now. Diet is on par, alcohol is only on an occasion, training intensity has increased and I began intermittent fasting three weeks ago (16-18hr fast with 8-6hr feed window). When I train, I try to do it in my fasting window. I lift heavy followed by an hour of low intensity cardio. Usually 4mi on the treadmill or 20-25min on stair climber followed by 2mi on treadmill. I have to say that combined with solid training regimen and diet, IF has really helped me maintain day over day progress. Body fat is coming off and I’m actually maintaining or gaining strength.


Continuing to make progress. Slowly but surely. My goal is to break past 200lbs. Ideally 195lbs. Its been a long road from 260lbs but I’m committed to my goals.