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Dont Know What to Choose for 2nd Cycle


I did test prop 100eod first cycle, used nizarol nearly everyday, i lost a litle bit of hair. I am wanting to know what would be a stack that will give roughly 10kg of lean gains to keep.
Ive read alot of conflicting stuff from different forums, i am just asking if you have MPB what stacks do you do.

I was going to do Deca and sust but then i read that fina accelerates hairloss when used with deca.I looked into bold but alot of people say its a waste of time.

Would a low dose of test, stacked with deca and var be bad on the hairline?
I dont really want to use fina but if i have to i will.
thanks, any help will be awesome


How long was your first cycle?

Also, have you tried Minoxidil?


10kg of lean gains to keep? That's an ambitious second cycle to say the least


This is useless.

Put together a plan of your own. Come back and tell us this plan, what you weigh currently, about your diet, how old you are (I'd like to know this now because I think you are about 19), how much time you spend in the gym, and why you want to run a cycle.

If you do this people will tell you if your plan is good and how you can make it better. If you can't do these simple things you can't (shouldn't) do steroids.


sorry just joined, for some reason i thought my stats would come up on the side bar. My first cycle was test prop 100mgeod i had adex on hand, and used clomid and osterine for pct, i gained about 8kg on this in 10 weeks and kept all of it. (wasnt all lean though)

My stats are 5'8, 80kg lean, 26 years old, training for 8 years, i am a PT and am concerned about hairloss because i will look like a skinhead if i have to shave.

My plan was to do 500mg sust and 600mg deca with propecia but learnt about the acceleration of hairloss.
was looking at bold but read alot of posts saying that it doesnt really help that much.

I just want some ideas of what would be good for gains minimal sides.

does the test need to be higher than deca? i hear that deca is good on hair but as i found out test isnt good for mine so dont want to go to high without propecia.


no i havnt tried minoxidil, but have been contemplating it for awhile. I want to cycle cause i want to eventually compete in bodybuilding. i have just started cutting and will finish in 6 or so weeks and go down to 77kg and hopefully be single digit bf% (ive got albuterol and s-4 coming) and then want to bulk up to 85, i didnt mean 10kg of lean mass, just around 10kg of weight while staying relatively lean. then ill cut again and hopefully compete end of this year or early next year.


Sorry I shave my head


I shave my head too...

care to clarify what you are asking?


are there any stacks that are less severe on the hairline?
Would a low test dose with deca affect my hair if i use nizarol and maybe rogaine? maybe add some var in


IIRC, var is a dht deriv.. im not too educated on avoiding hairloss because I don't have that problem :confused:

sorry bro.. but I do believe deca would be a decent choice as it is not very androgenic which is why a lot of women use it


does the test need to be higher than deca?


Deca is widely considered to be one of the safest for MPB sufferers. This doesn't mean you won't have issues, everyone is different. Anavar and TBol are good choices as well due to the low androgenic properties. If I were you I'd still use Rogaine or similar if running a cycle.


how much of test and deca would you suggest? i want to add var in aswel, i think 500mg of test could be to much




Stop.asking.this.question. their not answering you for a reason.