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dont know if i can ever eat eggs again!!!!!

i was getting ready to eat my evening eggs tonight and I cracked the seventh one open and it was full of BLOOD and yolk it was fucking disgusting. I have never seen this before, have you guys?

That happened to me recently. Didnt bother me that much.
Probably because I always knew where chickens came from…

happened to me this weekend…

add milk, then whisk it… make scrambled eggs.

just don’t tell your girlfriend her scrambled eggs had blood in it…


Just a fertilized egg that slipped through and got aborted during processing.

i ate the eggs it was sick seeing a table spoon of blood in the bowl

I hardboiled an egg like this just a few days ago and when I peeled it, that part of the egg was all dark and looked bruised and inside was the hardened blood clot looking thing

How can it be fertilized when it comes from a chicken house that only has hens?

Not trying to be an asshole, just wondering.

It will put some hair on your @ss :0

Violentvegan, the eggs are not fertilized as there are only HENS in the cages/groups . The blood comes from a vessel that unfortunately got stuck on the yolk before the egg was made.

To get over that, buy a dozen cheap eggs and crack the lot open. You will then ‘see’ that none of them are fertilised and you will be able to put it down to a one off occurance.

Happend all the time, no need to fret just a little extra protein and such.

Like was stated earlier where do you think chickens come from?


I was under the impression that when the egg has blood in it, that it is getting close to being overdue and not good to eat.

At least that is what my grade 8 home economics teacher told me. If you crack this, make sure to toss it out was her words of advice.

but if you dudes ate it, and you are all still as intelligent as you were before. Ce la vie as they say in Quebec.

Just my 2 cents
Why don’t u just buy egg whites in a jug. no blood in there?, just protein


Next time, just take one of your girlfriend’s tampons, soak the blood up, and continue cooking.

I know DavidS, just wanted to add to the gross out a little!

The blood spots are also known as “Meat Spots.” That helps perpetuate the aborted chick belief.

Less than 1% of eggs will have blood spots, but they’re more likely to be found in brown eggs.

blood in eggs happens.
the inspectors just missed the egg to see for the developing chick embryo.
though i wouldn’t be one to eat it, if others say its ok, i guess its ok.

but if you want to get back at them, eat the damn chicken.


Thanks Stonebraker!