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Dont know if I buy into the 2 week cycle theory

Has anyone tried the 2 week on 3-4 week off cycle. What was your bodyweight when started- and what drugs did you take at what dosages. What drug combination and what dosages have you found work the best “maybe Bill Roberts could answe this question since he has had the most experience with this type of cycle” By the way Bill great article this week, hope to see more like it in the future

Mike, In my first cycle 6 weeks ago with just using the androsol,{70 sprays twice a day} I went from 204 to 215. My strength went trough the roof!! If you are not getting results maybe you aren’t eating enough or not applying the androsol correctly. your skin has to be clean and dry, and wait about 10 min. before putting your clothes on.

OK-try this then:
I used 1000mg of Sustanon+40mg of D-bol daily. Gained 15 lbs of bodyweight, and my bench went from 300 lbs to 350 lbs!!! My mistake was taking 500mg of Sust day 1+500mg 4days later. This inhibited recovery of endogenous testosterone, which made me retain too much water along with losing about 5 lbs post-cycle. My expect my current cycle to be more successful with the proper modifications according to Bill Roberts.

Thanks baf, glad to here it worked for you. How do you plan to fix your next cycle. Will you take 1000 mg sust on day one and take the dball for the remainning 13 days. Only take sust 1 day?

I injected 750mg of Sust day 1, along with 100mg of Winstrol, and 40mg of D-bol. Day 2: 40mg D-bol, 100mg of Winstrol (I didn’t want to inject more than 5 ml on day 1 - the original plan was to inject 200mg of Winstrol with the Sust on day 1) day 3-8: 50mg/day of Winstrol, day 3-12: 50mg of D-bol, day 13-24: 20mg of D-bol, upon waking and at noon. This stack takes advantage of each compound’s growth mechanisms for maximum synergistic benefits. Read Roberts’ Mesomorphosis archives also… So far (4 days into cycle) bodyweight up 7 lbs, no water-retention - I’m at 7% bodyfat now, strength good. Will keep you updated…

I am currently trying a series of 2 on 2 off cycles(I include clomid). I anticipate 5 of these will yield better gains than 1 10 week on cycle. Anyone already try this?

I am on day 10 of cycle now. I went from 230 lb to 260 in 10
days. Some of this is water, but it still feels great. Bodyfat dropped slightly( now 15%). I am stacking Androsol( thin coat whole bod 2x a day)with 800mg of T-cyp. on day 1, plus 50mg per day of metheltestosterone days 1-7 increased to 100mg per day days 8-14. Eating every 2 hours mainly Grow and red meat. Also eat Grow in the middle of night and take the oraltest( I drink a lot of water and naturally wake up every 2 or 3 hours to take a piss anyway).

To mike and Baf, get off the damn steroids and work your ass off and eat right. Anyone can inject drugs in their ass and get big, but guess what guys, everyone in the gym knows your on them, and they are just shaking their heads at you. Not impressed. Work your ass off and eat right, and you will know you earned your muscles.

when do you take the clomid and how much? what about nolvadex and hcg? is there any need? when and how much?

don’t you think that it’s necessary to balance out those androgens - perhaps some winstrol?

Anyone else have any luck with the 2 week cycle. What do you think are the best drug choices

In principle the longer you are on juice and the more you take the better your gains in muscle mass will be. Simple eh? The problem that introduces itself in this equation is that staying on cycle for long periods of time causes some unwanted side effects including raised blood pressure, worsening lipid profile, gyno, acne, hair loss, prostate enlargement and if you are on 17-aa steroids, liver damage.

Sounds bad. Well almost all of those side effects are completely avoided by the use of a 2 weeks on 4 weeks off cycling pattern. Steroids are a royal pain in the ass sometimes but if you keep it in perspective it can be a lot of fun to have those 2 great weeks out of 6.

I believe you will lose most of your steroid induced gains in the 4 week off time. Realistic expectations are the way to go if you are not competing. If you want to compete you need to forget the word “healthy”.


Hey, JKR? How about work your arse off, eat right and use steroids and become bigger then normal? I have seen many guys use steroids and not do anything, they look like they have AIDS now.


Ease up a bit bro. Steroids are a personal decision. Not to mention some people want to get bigger then nature allows and that requires some help. Also, steroids do not automatically make guys big. It still takes hard work. Maybe you should try them and then comment. Just my two cents.

jkr: I never feel the need to defend my choices, but I think I must mention that I’m an advanced powerlifter with many years under my belt. I coach one of the world record holders in powerlifting, and give lectures on diet and nutrition as well. I’ve read thousands of pages concerning training methodology and nutrition, and regularly exchange information with leading experts in the field. I also work as a software engineer in the telecommunications industry, and would consider myself a somewhat intelligent person.
If I choose to do steroids to surpass my genetic potential (which I have achieved naturally), I will do so - my training and nutrition is already planned out, I assure you…