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Don't Have Room for DL's or Squats

And I don’t have enough money for a gym membership because my pockets are empty after buying my bench+barbell.

What are some good alternatives until I think of a solution?

make room

Put the barbell on the ground and deadlift. If your bench doesnt raise high enough then do front squats.

Just stop lifting. Really.

There are probably a million different ways you can ghetto-rig something to allow you to squat. I rack the bar on my bench. If you’re crying uncle this early in the game, just stop. Lifting is too hard for you.

Body weight squats. Hold some plates over your head.


And if you have a barbell, you can deadlift.


Make a squat rack out of cinder blocks, like some Super Mario Brothers shit.

edit: I feel bad now, it is the beginners fourum after all

fuck off troll

all I can hear is the sad Hulk music

How can you not have room to squat? Where are you living?

If you’ve got the width to have a bar, then you can squat and deadlift.

Whoa, hang on guys, give him the benefit of the doubt. This IS the Beginners section you know!

OP you really don’t need much room to deadlift, do it behind your bench. Maybe concentrate on deadlift, while you save for some squat stands (or improvise / make some).
Another idea would be to clean the BB from the end of your bench and press, then lower it to your shoulders ready to squat.

Lunges are free, I assume you have so 10’s or 25lb weights, grab a couple and go up and down the hall. Lunges suck to do but they’ll put a hurt’n on you.

I have found that time without the gym has lead me to one of the most primitive lifting methods. . . . sand bags. for like 4 dollars a bag you can make several different weighted duffel bags from 40-250 lbs. I Also found that carrying 150 pounds in a bearhug around my chest gave me decent strength gains. This is hard work, but I find it sometimes pays off more than traditional weights, especially if you are feeling stagnant in the weight room.

Or fill up empty plastic gallons with water or sand. Those are fun too.

dumbell squats

I’m actually confused now. You have a bench and a barbell.

Barbell = everything you need for deadlifting.

And I highly doubt that you can even do proper body weight squats, so how about you try that how, OK?

OK, I’ll try to clear some room or something.

I’ve read that during DLs, I should keep my elbows taut. What exactly does it mean when I’m supposed to keep my elbows tight? When I attempt to tighten my elbows, I feel as if my triceps are flexing, but I don’t suppose that’s right, is it?

Let’s get the terms correct first.

“Triceps flexing”: Say contracting or firing instead. When I think of arm flexion, I think of the biceps firing and the triceps being extended.

And yes, you should isometrically contract your triceps. This maintains bicep health by reducing the risk of a tendon tear. You are not trying to lift the weight with your arms, keep your shoulders back and use your legs, hips, and back. Don’t jerk the weight up with arm flexion unless you want a few hundred pounds of iron tearing your biceps in two.

i dont think you need to try to keep your elbows taut. unless the barbell is lighter than air it should pull your arms down