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Don't Hate, in Need of a Program

Hey guys

So here is a question that im pretty sure i know the answer already too but here goes nothing. I need a program. I go into the gym and do different exercises for the muscle groups im working and i feel as though its getting me no where…i just need a program that i can follow and record my progress. Im trying to get bigger/stronger in case you are wondering what my goal is.

(the answer i had in mind was “use the search bar”)

Haha, sounds like you’ve read a lot of other posts. Well, depends somewhat on how many days a week you want to train and your experience level, but here are some programs I have found useful:
-Big Beyond Belief
-Westside for Skinny Bastards
-Russian Approach To Size and Strength
-routines from “The Book of Muscle”
-Smolov (for getting jacked legs)
-5/3/1 (haven’t tried this one yet, but tons of folks on here have had great progress)
-CTs article on How to Design a Damn Good Program are very useful.

There are some I am forgetting, but that and whatever else others post should get you in the ball park.

You don’t need a program…

Basically, as long as your bench, row, squat, curl, and overhead press are steadily increasing (whatever freeweight version of those you prefer), and you’re not neglecting any muscle groups beyond that… then you’re good in my opinion.

Just FYI, most people (like 80-90% of bodybuilders) do something like: Legs, Chest, Back, Shoulders (training arms wherever). You don’t have to do that, obviously, but after about a century of trial and error, most bodybuilders do some variation of that setup right there.