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Don't Go Commando with Titan Triumph Singlet!

Just a PSA for all. I don’t have new compression shorts, so I work a singlet for bottoms in my static monsters meet. TBH, I usually go commando option in comp, so I did for this and ran out the door.

The seams are so rigid, that it HURT! It makes sense because the material is so sturdy. I believe they have a gusseted crotch version which may not have this issue, but I’ve seen this singlet commonly at meets and thought people should know.

That being said, if your fed requires tighty whities, get some.


Lol thanks

Technically you aren’t allowed to go commando in powerlifting.

USPA rules allow it. I know head judges prefer you dont’

Well there you go. GPC mandates some kind of underwear.

I used to think you were crazy…but now I can see your nuts…

~Austin powers


What is wrong with going commando?

Are the judges religious or something?

Naw, they can see my whole bulge when I squat down in front of them

Going commando is perfectly legal when I did USPA and USAPL. And APA let me wear boxer briefs

It’s only a penis lol. No biggy.

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Maybe not yours!

Boom! I’ll be here all week; don’t forget to tip your waitresses.


The question is why would you not want to wear underwear in a meet? Outside the bedroom or bathroom there aren’t any sort of circumstances that I can think of which would justify planning not to wear underwear.

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You’ve obviously never gone to whole foods in grey sweatpants and no underwear searching for cougars.


This has been my favorite pastime since my divorce

I’ve always freeballed during training. And in competition, you already have a layer of spandex. I hate having another extra layer thats not spandex.

Are you some sort of exhibitionist?

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Naw its not even like that. I just dont want cotton material bunching up against spandex

That just sounds weird.

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