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Don't Get Screwed by Your Gym Trainers, Coaches or Bros

Today my gym trainer asked me whether i have started cycle or not

I know he is selling juice to other people

I told yes i have started

Asked what i am using, i said i am on Sustanon 250 cycle and i said i have purchased all from pharmacy (yes i don’t trust any underground lab etc)

He said that Sustanon is very bad

I asked why

He told me that 100 mg Testosterone decanoate (which is the biggest compound of Sustanon 250) is not a Testosterone to build muscle but it is used to fill fluid between bones or something like that. He was talking total gibberish

When i objected (I tried to explain it is still Testosterone but with different ester nothing else), he said that he is very experienced, he finished school of this (actually there is no such education) and he told me i am very ignorant about steroids :)))))

He is fairly lean, big and muscular I give that credit. I wonder how his inner system. He must be using lots of lots compounds with this knowledge level :slight_smile:

Sounds like he may have wanted you to invest in something he had outside in the trunk of his car perhaps. Now if he told you that Sust wasn’t the smartest product to use for a cycle and that Test E or C was better then maybe I’d have to agree.


totally agree with you. i think he is trying to deceive me to purchase from him :slight_smile:

Drug dealers are still drug dealers. Even if they’re friends, coworkers, coaches, or family, they’re still dealers at the end of the day. And dealers have to hustle.

I realize there is a language barrier, but let me ask a question or two.

Are you injecting steroids?

What are you injecting?

Do you have any fucking plan or are you just injecting.

Do you have a plan for when you get tits?

Do you have a plan to come off?

Just asking.