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'Don't Get Any Bigger'


I recently hit my goal of being 195 with a defined six pack, but after realizing how not big that is, I was contemplating gaining another 10 pounds. The weird thing is that my girl and every other female who knows about this goal have pretty much unanimously said that I shouldn't get any bigger, because then I won't be buff, I'll be a freak. And to be perfectly honest, I'm probably just gonna focus on strength now instead of getting bigger since I'm far from a purist (the gun show is for the girls). Has any body else heard anything like this and what do you think? Does it change your goals at all?


Dont let your girlfriend dictate what weight you should be.Keep with your plan and let your weight creep up as much as you want aslong as bf is within your acceptable levels.If she brings it up again comment on HER weight.Or slap her that could also work.

btw who is that in your avi? Daymn...


What's up with the amount of threads being made by whipped guys lately?


yes stop getting big. girls will immediatly stop wanting to bang you


Ok,say you daye her for another two years and break up after that....you'll wish you had that time back to bulk. But you never will


Oh, and you will miss out on being 250 and completely devastating 130 pound women......

Throwing bitches around like rag dolls....that's the good stuff.


aaannnd, I bet your gf would suck The Rocks dick so fast....in front of you.

Ask her if she would.


hahaha so true...


Speakin from experience faggot?

All jokes aside, you guys are right lol and I def needed someone to smack me out of my whippedness. I just ate three chipotle burritos, time to grow. Oh, and the chick is Lauren London.


Bwahahaha, Ct.Rock that was a crazy few posts. Funny as hell.


Yeah, since 195 isn't huge, then go bigger. She cant leave you for that, and I think she'll like it anyay once you do get bigger.


Build the body YOU WANT. WTF.

195 is nowhere near freak status how fucking ridiculous. You've reached a goal- kudos to you that's awesome... achieving physique goals takes so much effort. Now you're assessing and want more. Why would you hold back on the basis of ANYONES opinion esp. Someone with no standing to assess a built physique. Jesus lord.

Hopefully you're a teenager or something...


x2. WTF.


yep, OP, there you go.....you have full authority to get bigger from Hallowed. When you look at her smiling in her avatar then you feel like it's a great idea. I know she makes me want to be a better man. /Jack Nicholson.


All women have different preferences, those girls may actually think you look disgusting if you get any bigger...it's possible.

That being said, in my experience women really have no idea, and are probably just imagining that "any bigger" is Jay Cutler sized, which we know is not going to happen. I particularly remember one girl I "met" my freshman year of college, who said she liked my body but that I shouldn't get any bigger. I ran in to her again a year later, and she said "ok, I really like this, but if you got any bigger it would just be gross." Ask Waylander if he has a problem getting laid.


Also, you could easily trick her by using kilograms instead...just tell her you're only 110 and she'll be happy. That's about 230lbs.


Well gosh thanks mister!

I get horrified "don't get any skinnier!" Or" don't get any bigger!" All the time.



how tall are you?


I remember when i was 125lbs, in 10th grade, saying how i wanted to gain weight. and girls back then all said, "why do you want to gain weight?" they always ask that question. maybe cause girls just don't get it and never will. its not a put down on women, they just don't understand the need for a man to desire to be big and strong.


"Hey everyone, come see how small my dick is"