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dont fit in.. hmmm

Every day before I go to work I swing by the local grocery store to pick up my days worth of food. My bill normally comes up around 12-20.00 a day depending upon if I am on my mag-10 cycle or not. I take my paper sack and ignoring the jokes of my co-workers, carry it with me all over work to the different post, grabbing stuff out of it through out the day. Now here is the wired part. I feel this way a lot, but normally more when I go shopping for food. As I stand in the check out line and work with my geriatric teller helping me learn a new meaning of express lane… I begin to look around I feel ? I feel… out of place. I don?t know if it is because I am a shift worker? and I am just not used to all the people, but today I figured out why?

I make the same run to the grocery store every day of the work week and I buy all the basic core lifting foods. Tuna, cottage cheese, whole nuts, milk… Salad and etc? As I stand in line I notice things… Weird things… For example people buying large amounts of food for the whole month solely based on the fact that they had a coupon for ?bucket o lard, potato chips? and the ?aorta exploding bacon.? They are buying cubes and cubes of soda and any thing else that was on sale or taste like a sugar high. I wonder if these same lemmings would buy this food if they had any Idea what the nutrition facts said on the back of the label. I even once had a old lady stare me down because I about chocked and coughed. When I picked up a chicken pot pie to see it had 65 grams of fat in it. Granted it was on SALE but? 65 grams of fat WTF. I guess in some ways I feel like I am the only person deciding not to run off the edge of the cliff. I just want to scream ?WTF are you doing… don?t you know what the glycemic index is for the dam pop…put it down… put it down now??These same people donate money for the national children diabetic fund raiser that there having at my grocery store but on the SAME check they are buying 6 bags of chocolate flavored, sugar coated, sugar puffs for there kids… Just because it was on SALE… I don?t get it? Now that I think about it these people would probably think I am just as nuts to roll out of bed and in a hour and half latter in a ephadra crazed determination be pulling twice my body weight off the ground in a dead lift. Does any one else feel weird when they go shopping for food. Or is this what a T-nation citizen fell like. Or am I just nutzzz…Let me know what you think.

You’re not alone, just yesterday at morning tea while everyone else was scoffing down the BBQ sausages wrapped in white bread, I was eating yogurt, cottage cheese and uncooked oatmeal (the term regurgitated spew was used to describe it). The interesting thing is that people see what I eat and if they don’t know me they straight away say “you must be training for something”, to which I reply “life”. It’s as if you only need to eat right if you train, go figure?

Hey man, I am sure most of us where there at some point. I know my diet used to consist of pasta, pancakes and fast food. I am at the point now where I just don’t care what other people eat. If they want to make the change, they will.

And what's up with going to the store every day? Why don't you buy enough to last you half the week or so? Unless of course you like going to the store.

When shopping at the local grocery store (this is Brooklyn BTW) I can find almost nothing that is suitable to eat. My store seems to specialize in canned food, lunch meat, and convenience foods like (gag) “Lunchables”.

Yeah, I think for the most part all of us see that. You should see it down here in Oklahoma. I think Oklahoma is rated in the top ten most obese states and few other top ten things you don’t want lists. When I go to Walmart every few days it amazes me, but what can you do. The way I figure it is become a personal trainer and get these people in shape, then they will go back to their old diet become fat again and then come back to you.

Going to the grocery store everyday? That’s pretty hardcore! But I can totally understand “not fitting in”. Gotta love the looks as I clear the entire shelf of cottage cheese into my cart…

haha check this out… I am eating some chicken breast (baked, plain) and I get asked if I am on a “diet.” Wtf its just chicken! is that so weird to be eating plain chicken breast? damn maybe I shoulda glazed it in some suggar and put fudge on it. Then I guess I’d be “normal.” As for the original poster… man I never thought I could rid my body of hte processed crap that fills the store… but little by little I did. Problem is I barely eat any kind of variety (eggs, chicken, fish, beef, green veggies, whole wheat break the kind that crubmles) at all. I need to find a better store…

What the hell is a cube of soda?

A cube is a 24 pack which is roughly cubic in shape, like two 12 packs stuck togehter.

I’m used to seeing what other people put in their shopping cart. It’s not hard to match the physique of the person to the macronutrient profile of the basket. I don’t worry about it any longer, it’s their life. I do know that it’s mostly ignorance that gets people there. Just look at the FDA food pyramid, that’s supposed to be eating healthy when we all know eating like that will make you fat and most likely diabetic.
The only comment I ever really got about my food choices at the store was from a cashier that worked in a little store that I’d gone to a lot. She said, “No wonder you’re not fat. I wish I could eat that healthy but I don’t have the self control”. She wasn’t fat but she wasn’t really fit either, which I think is the result of at least knowing what’s good for you and making a small effort in the right direction.

Some of you asked why do I go shopping for food every day… It is a old body for life trick… Here is the reason behind it. The more often you shop for food the more time you are going to take to think about what you are buying. It works for me. That way I don?t keep food at home to just snack on and it forces you to eat your 5000 or so cals for mag-10 cycling. You just tell your self I am going to have this whole bag empty by the end of the day and BAM? there you go.

Now that we got the cube of soda out of the way what is up with all the damn question marks dude? I could understand maybe if you just type fast and caught an extra button every once in a while but you gotta hit the shift key!! wtf?

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I like grocery shopping! It used to be something of a chore because I would look down the aisles and see nothing but CRAP to eat. I’d have this inner conversation “Well, that’d taste good but I can’t eat it…or this would be quick and easy but I can’t eat it either.” Then one day my mentality just flipped to “Oooh, look at those yummy yams…and… and look at all that MEAT, looky at the cottage cheese…” and I’d get excited like a kid. Now I really dig the strange looks I get as I load up my kid (make him carry the basket tellin’ him it’ll make him strong) with all the good stuff. I like seeing the crap other people put in their carts because I know that what I am doing to/with myself is a world apart from what they are doing to/with themselves. I like being a bit different. I like catching the eye of some hot, young thing as we both evaluate what the other’s got in their basket and silently nod approval to eachother. Come to think of it, it’s almost one of those “Fight Club” type of understandings/kinships that you feel with a complete stranger.

What’s really cool is when your friends start asking you what’s up with how you eat and want to learn about it. I have a guy friend that is one of those genetically blessed assholes (love him, the fucker) that eats 2 of the fast food meal deal things in a sitting 6-9 times a week, drinks like a fish, works out about 45 min 3 times a week and has an awesome body. Recently, he’s had me go grocery shopping with him just to help him clean up his diet. Not that I am by any means an expert mind you, but I have a fair clue what to avoid. He calls it my “build-a-toy” project. :wink: Seems in the couple of weeks that he’s been avoiding fast food and eating more cleanly, he’s noticed he feels better, sleeps better and works out better. Now that’s good to hear!

I am sorry to break this to you, but you will never fit in. You have broken the almost trace like state that most people live in. Even peole who should know better, have been sucked in. You can ingage them in though provoking discussion. “It is great that you are donating to fight JD. What do you think causes it? What about the childern who have to much sugar in their diet? Wow, would you look at that this stuff is 90% sugar! Man, I wouldn’t want to feed that to my kid. If he did not have JD already this stuff would give it to him.” 98% of people go through live in a trace, do be one of them. Best of Luck.

Hey man, don’t forget that you live in the 3rd fattest city in the country, so that’s probably why people don’t understand.

Who cares about the other people? Let them look at your healthy basket of goodies and your healthy physique and take a moment to ponder why they make the food choices they make! I go to Sam’s and stock up on chicken, shrimp, scallops, beef, cottage cheese, eggs, OJ, frozen veggies, canned veggies and vitamins. Then I got to Publix and get a few items that Sam’s doesn’t carry. I look over at all the other people and see them checking out with 5lb bags of chips and other crap. And usually, you can see the correlation between the types of food they buy and their physique! Don’t feel weird, feel a sense of pride for making good food choices and living a healthy lifestyle.

What is it with people? They are the wierd ones not us. Is it normal to be so fat you can’t tie your shoes, or see it when you take a piss? I often laugh at the thought of one of these fat pigs pulling out a hiar and pissing in his paints. The gym where I train is stuffed with over weight flabby loosers who have the faces, and bodies, of 65 year olds at perhaps 35. Me I’m 55 and look about 40. Why ? Because I am too bloody proud to let myself fall apart. Im also too proud to let some fast talking advertising mutt convince me I should eat trash in a bag. I like Karmas atitude, and most of the people around here because it shows that pride which will not allow us trash ourselves for the sake of another TV program. Its not us gang its the rest of them who think they are so cool with their one size fits all shirts, carefully designed to hide the fact they haven’t an active muscle to their name. Mutter, mumble, rant, rant. If you want a real laugh just imagine George B doing squats. Rant over and thanks for listening.

you’re nuts…Who cares what other people buy and eat. Just think, the more fat slobs there are walking around the better you look. Besides, the world would be very boring if everyone looked the same and ate the same shit. Seems like there a lot of posts on the forum about other people and what they think, say, eat, believe, etc… WHO CARES!!! Worry about yourself.