Don't Feel TRT Is Helping at All

I’ve been prescribed Testosterone CYP and I inject 0.5 ML once a week.
About your other questions, I’m not sure. With my “Total T, Free T…,”
he showed me that stuff in the doc office. But I far from have a
photographic memory and they didn’t give it to me on a paper.

I’ve been on injections for about a month in a half now. My first injection, like my previous post stated, I had insomnia for like 4 days but after about 2 days after the injection, I woke up. I felt amazing. It felt like the first time I’ve been alive ever. Well, I’m now 1.5 months into it. I have the injections weekly alternating sides in my lower back. I’ve dipped back down to as if I’ve never taken the injections. My performance between the sheets have gone back to pre-TRT injections. I am nervous and anxious and tensed up constantly and can’t get myself to ease up inside. I’m sure I need this, but it’s not working anymore.

What have others done in this situation? Are there other options? I’ve also started taking a multivitamin everyday, upping my exercise, and taking a few other suppliments (dlindoylmethane, d aspartic acid, anticatobolic complex.) I’ve been trying to cut out junk food and eat more meat. Been eating organic beef jerky. I cut out all alcohol. I think the beef jerky helps the most of anything, but it’s not much.

You can’t get serious help without labs. You could have a 1000 guesses on here but the labs speak the truth. At 1.5 months you are ready for follow up labs. My guess is your E2 is out of whack and you need an antiE.

Get your labs and post with lab ranges.

Sounds like E2 is elevated.

You have multiple threads before?
See any stickies that I suggested? [Your current situation and what needs to be done should be clear to you.]

I have an appointment with my doc in a week.

Great, keep us posted. Make sure to get labs below and let us know what you find out! Best of luck.

Lab work: