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Don't Ever Complain Again!


There was a post a while back about a bodybuilder who was wheelchair bound and had developed an awesome upper body despite. Well I came across this guy Robert Siudak and thought I'd share this as well.

Robert states: "I was diagnosed with bone cancer in 1990. I had my left leg amputated in 1992. I train my right leg with leg presses, leg curls, leg extensions and hack squats. I just use my prosthesis for balance on the hack squats; and then on the leg press I just press with the one leg."

It says on his MySpace page that he recently had a heart transplant and is of course no longer competing but didn't go into detail. The saying "whatever doesn't kill you only makes you stronger" definitely applies to this guy!


Damn, that's inspiration!


man..that's powerful


Unbelievable, makes you wonder how on earth he got into such peak condition without HIIT, cardio etc, or how he adapted these techniques with the tools he had.


That's inspiring. His back and legs are hugeee and were developed without squats/deads


probably a lot of swimming...?


I think it should be common knowledge by now that squats/deads are NOT required to build a bodybuilders physique. They are required to be a Powerlifter, but not a Bodybuilder.


Good point.


Squats and deads are not required by EVERYONE to build a bodybuilder's physique..however, the bulk of bbers DID squats/deads in their foundation phase and raised heavy poundages then.
Just because avoiding them worked for this guy doesn;t mean it will work for everyone.

The majority of peeps who avoid power movements in their foundation phase will never build any kind of physique.

Finally, what kind of training did he do prior to 1990? When did he build up most of his size?

Point being, 1morerep wanted to use this guy as a testament to effort, intensity and perseverence. Thats it.
Don't contaminate the message here with your personal agenda.


and don't forget the arm cycle


Needs to work on his symmetry...




i lol'd.

But seriously. Absolutely Awesome.


Good stuff, do you have any information as far as what his physique was before the cancer/amputation?


wow..you are a jackass..

how does it feel to know that this man has accomplished more in bodybuilding with 3 limbs than you ever will with 4? Perhaps this realization is what drove you to make that foolish comment.

go back to bodybuilding.com and relieve us of your idiocy


Chill out man, it's all jokes.


I've heard back in the days of Arnold and Franco, once it came time to cut up they just worked out twice a day.

Even though Jay Cutler didn't look to good the last time he won the Olympia, I think I heard him on BB.com say he had stopped doing Cardio.

This guy probably also burns more calories than any of us just in day to day life. Imagine how much more difficult it is to just get around while only using one leg.


You have poor taste

sorry for the little hijack 1morerep


Hopefully this doesn't give people another reason to try and get by without Squats and Deadlifts.

As tribunaldude pointed out, who knows what he did before 1990. He could have been squatting and deadlifting near 700 for all we know.

And think about how his body has adapted while just using 1 leg!
Think about your 'strong' bodypart. Maybe you played soccer for 10 years, so now your legs grow like weeds when you train them. My upper back is way ahead of everything else, and I think that's largely in part to swimming competitively for 10 years. Athletic history like this, I think, effects how your body responds to stimulus in the weight room.

Taking that into consideration, I'm thinking if swimming and basically doing a unilateral pulldown for 1-2 hours for 10 years has turned my lats and upper back into a bodypart that responds very well to training, then walking on one leg all the time for 18 years must have some effect.

Without knowing anything about this guy other than that he's built a huge leg and he's jacked all over, I'd venture to say that his leg is his easiest bodypart to develop since it's essentially had to adapt into a super-leg in order to meet the demands of day-to-day existence.

What I think is crazy is how thick his erectors are and how there perfectly symmetrical. I guess he must just do crazy heavy back raises or something.


What weight class would he compete in? He has a # so he can't be a guest poser.

Not trying to be a dick but he would have 50 pounds?? or so that he could put on other areas of his frame, due to the amputation.