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Don't Eat While Watching This

 WARNING: Do Not Eat or Drink While Watching This Clip. Severe Choking Hazard.
  • For men--shrinkage of testicles, growth of breast tissue, impotence
  • For women--male pattern baldness, increased facial hair, increased risk for breast cancer and endometrial cancer, blood clots
  • For youth--acne, early start of puberty, stunted growth


And a fabulous follow up video (even better)


What? at least the songs ok..


Wait, are you trying to say that he's ugly or something?


Wow, I can't believe this thread got tumbleweeds. does nobody here know El Steveo?


Here are some lovely quotes about his videos


It took me a long time to realize that you posted a pic. Your avatar distracted me.


Hey look! It's Elton! I was wondering what he was up to these days...