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Don't Eat on Public Transit?


Fat white women starts bitching about a black girl minding her own business eating some food. Fight ensues. Personally, I think she deserved a smack in the face.


I get annoyed when people complain about others eating on a train, personally.

I just don't see the big deal. Unless someone is eating a sheep's head for breakfast, mind your own business and suck it up. It's not like they've taken a massive shit on the floor.


Gotta Love New Yorkers.

Although I don't like it when people eat hot food in public areas not designated for eating, I don't think she's out of line to do so.

It stinks up the cart and makes everyone in proximity smell your shit, but she's not breaking any rules.

I wouldn't do it personally.

Oh and good work OP on using the statement "Personally, I think she deserved a smack in the face. "

Using an ambiguous statement so no one can disagree with you :stuck_out_tongue:


I reckon fatty was after some s'getti


If it's a rule to not eat on the train (i'm guessing it is) the lady has the right to ask her to stop. It's public transportation, she has to pay for it.

People spill crap all the time and you know none of them clean it up. It's why subways always are so nasty.

I get annoyed with people who eat like that on the train. I end up having to ride in a nasty car because of it.


But yeah, all parties looked pretty retarded.



All the other chick had to do was dish up some for her and everyone would be happy.


I really hate when people eat in a loud or sloppy manner, but also understand that it is my problem that I have.

That lady should have kept her mouth shut, but she also seems to have been pushing some buttons to illicit a bad response.


I'm pretty sure you can eat and drink on the MTA.


You stay classy NY subway


Aye totally.

To be honest; I'd need a feckin transcriber for that but it sounded to me as if someone else said something first and then the white woman stuck her bit in cause she thought someone had her back. I bet she wouldn't have said a word otherwise.


nevermind then. I still don't like it.


They have signs up on the London Underground which discourage it here. I think it's frowned up for consideration for others, but not forbidden. Much like talking on a phone or listening to music.


Vietnam Bob approves of this thread.


Check out the girls in the white hat in the earlier part of the video. She's hot.

Also, when the first shoves happened and it was inevitable that a fight would break out I was worried about the spaghetti. The black girls buddy, should have taken the spaghetti and put it somewhere before they started fighting. Even better would have been to pull her friend away and take the high road, but the important thing is the spaghetti.

EDIT: Things like this video are also why everyone having a good camera on their phones sucks. So as soon as there was some back and forth, only a little at that point, somebody already started recording it in case it became good [read: bad] enough to put on the internet. That's good to know.


HAHAH! That must've been the A train. New Yorkers are repulsive.


Unfortunately the poor guy who stepped in got a little roughed up instead.


Word bitches be trippin'.

I'd never break up a fight between two girls, or a girl and guy, or a girl and the system, anything involving a girl. Compared to girls guys are positively in control of things and logical when they fight...if that's possible.


Except when guys are drunk. Then it's just mindless fisticuffs.

But seriously, you would break up a fight if someone was getting seriously beat up - even if it's girl on girl. At least, I hope you would.


When keeping it real goes wrong...

Personally, I feel for the eating-girl, although I think that the Ebonic way of responding was everything else but productive.

I travel frequently with trains and subways for work, rugby and meeting friends, so during busy weeks and weekends I often pick up Subway's or boxes of seafood at the train station. Point is, I wouldn't mind if YOU did the same and were to enjoy some greasy goodness on the train.

I can recall 2 specific experiences, both were on the bus. One time an older lady was giving me and some friends shit for eating, we simply changed seats and not a single fuck was given that day.

Another time I was in a hurry and had picked up a giant double patty burger with curly fries tossed in between the buns from my mess hall. When I got on the bus the bus driver cunt started bitching immediately, although I promised I would not eat it until I reached my destination.
Now, I thought about throwing the food at her to prove my point but then my Northern European attitude kicked in so instead I just cursed, got off the bus and then proceeded to enjoy my god-tier food while waiting for the next one. It would have been such a shame to miss out on that marvelous composition of beef, fried potatoes and mustard/ketchup/mayo and up my cortisol over a stupid and pointless argument that no-one could have won.

So yeah, enjoy your food and increase the peace.