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Don't do stupid shit...

Hey T-folk. A few weeks back (just as I was hitting phase 2 of Bring The Pain, and gaining back some serious LBM after a cutting cycle), I had some ‘little’ chick do that “walk on your back” massage. I figured it could be dangerous, but she said she’d been shown by a professional, and I was also after some action… To cut a long story, she messed up, dug her heel into my mid back (lower traps area), and now I’m f-cked up. Massage sorta makes it worse, and the fairly light training I did a couple of days ago has me in agony. I can’t even laugh… doc reckons it’s a bruise deep in the belly of the erector spinae (muscles up the spine). I think he’s wrong, and might go for a second opinion soon… my point is that I’m miserable. I can’t train. To hell with sex, I wanna train! Now I can’t 'cos I did some stupid shit! So just be careful. Think about what you’re doing and whether the risk of really messing yourself up is worth it. Don’t learn the hard way. Cheers all.

I’ve gotta do something… I figure I’ll make up a training program of high volume work, very low intensity. I may as well lose some fat while I’m at it. I suppose I’ll throw in a bunch of walking (yes… walking…), leg extensions, leg curls, donkey calf raises… now that I think about it, just a lot of isolation limb movements. Basically do all the nancy stuff… might have to go line the pockets of my local chiropractor too.

Did you let that happen again or is this the same thing you were talking about last week?

yeah dude…you posted the same thing last week, but hope you’re referring to the same incident because it seemed you were way to pissed to let it happen again (you used the f-bomb about 4 times). The only advice I can give you is…don’t let tha beotches walk on thy back!! rest up!!

LOL - Yeah I tried to post it last week but something went screwey. Which forum did it end up in last week??? I couldn’t find it once I’d posted it so figured it didn’t work… Sorry for the repeat folks.