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Don't Diet??

Where was JB’s “Don’t Diet” originally posted? I can’t seem to find it!!

Do a search under my name. It should pull it up. I think I named it “The Don’t Diet Diet by John Berardi.”

did You ever find the don’t diet plan as i have tried looking for it and can not find it. If you have wher can i get hold of it.

Bcar, type the following words into the search engine to the left of the screen, “Don’t Diet Berardi” (without the quotes, of course). Click on the first item in the list. Use the Windows Find feature (Ctrl-F) and search for “Don’t Diet,” once again, without the quotes. All the details are found in the hyperlinked article.

Welcome to the board, by the way!!! (grin)

This is now in a previous issue of JB’s “Appetite for Construction” articles. I’d start going back and browsing through until you find it. I have a copy of it on my computer, but I didn’t note what issue it is (167 or something like that?).

the FAQ has a direct link to it bro.

issue 167 it is…

How did you ever find this post from two years ago? I don’t even remember posting it. It’s funny because today I was also editing my profile which I evidently had done since I found T-mag and found my weight was 163. Haha, no longer!