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Don't Diet

Hi to all…I am embarking on the Don’t Diet program this week, in order to get my BF down to at least 10% if possible (from current 15%). I would like to know if anybody else has done this, what their experiences were like on it, how they found following it, (and in combination with workouts) what results were like. Thanks for your replies.

Yes it’s possible and yes I have done it. Actually I’m following that diet now.

The main thing you have to remember is that you’re not gonna drop weight magically initially as you’re not on a huge carb/cal restriction so you don’t get that initial water loss the first two weeks. In fact, the two times I followed it to the letter, I wondered if it was even working at all.

Then, usually about 4-6 weeks in, it just kind of hits you out of nowhere that it is working very well and you start to see the appropriate decreases (and in some cases increases).

Don’t overthink the plan i.e. major in the minutae…just “rub some dirt on it and get in there!” =)

Good luck!