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Don't diet

I just started JBs dont diet approach, but have found some confusing information regarding meal types in relation to training.

In the “Dont Diet” outline, its recommend to use the “Taper” method for optimal fat loss, - only P+C in the first half of the day, only P+F in the second half.

Elsewhere (appetite for construction, cant remember issue) its recommended to eat P+F before training, P+C during and after training as well as in a 6 hour window…

So far Ive stuck to the “Taper” as rule #1 for fat loss. If I train early I WONT eat P+F before training. No matter when I train I will get some P+C immediately after. Is that reasonable ??

most people go with p+f before and p+c after. then towards the end of the day towards bed time go back to p+f, unless you train at night.

Regardless of what else you do go with P+C as first meal post w/out.

P-Dog, - thanx for the info! I wasnt sure whether that would mess up the “Taper” too much.

berardi has answered that question too and indicated that the point is to understand why the taper is employed. You need your carbs in the three meals following the workout. If you workout in the morning, it’s workout PC PC PC PF PF PF.
If you workout later it might be PF PF workout PC PC PC PF. See how it goes? Good luck!

Orpheus, - thanks for clearing that up ! Do you happen to have the link for that piece ?