Don't Diet Support Group

Well since we have support groups for everything else, might as well have one for what I consider the best plan ever. It hasn’t been six full weeks for me, and I am down from 15 to 10.2 percent, with NO, I repeat, NO, structural muscle loss. I was hesitant to add the cardio (as per JB’s recommendations), but it’s making all the difference in the world in terms of faster fat loss. Lifts are still going up slightly but it’s getting tougher, and now that cardio is part of the mix I’ll probably find it an even tougher go. Considering strength maintenance was my only goal I’ll take it. The name is fitting too, as I don’t even really feel like I’m dieting with the higher than normal calorie level, except when I’m bartending and have to bring out those huge plates of nachos, cheese sticks and whatnot (oh, the humanity!). I know I would lose even faster with German Body Comp instead of 5/5, but the last time I did that I found my 1RM’s went down quite a bit even though strength endurance went up. I won’t ever go back to the CKD, unless I decide to compete and use it 1-2 weeks prior to a show, but I have a long way to go for that.

Good idea TeddyKGB-This is the middle of my second week on don’t diet. I’ve actually had to
increase my calories and I’m still not eating
the recommended amount.
I haven’t seen any weight loss or decrease in waist size, but ‘somehow’ I just feel better.
Each day I try to make improvements on the day
before. My 6 PM meal is my weak spot.
I end up being too iso-caloric at that time.

The first 2 weeks I wasn’t sure either. Little change in weight/body comp but workouts were good. Then after weeks 3-4 I started to see it. Added cardio after week 4 (24 min. pre-workout, 24 min. pre-breakfast on off days-I’m training for a 3v3 soccer tourney at the end of June and the matches are 24 min. so that’s why I picked that odd length) and it’s coming off like mad.

Congrats bro…I said it before and I will say it again, “95% of us must do cardio at least 3-4X/week for a duration of 30 minutes/session”. Yes, there are some genetic freaks or people that have their diet “down” 100% of the time, but for the vast majority of us, cardio accelerates fat loss…and you do not necessarily lose muscle or strength.

I just need to get my thoughts straight, guys; isn’t the only difference between “Don’t Diet” and “Massive Eating” is in the total calories?. In other words, the PRINCIPLES are the same (eg nutrient partitioning/macronutrient “pairing” or mixing) but cals vary? Or do I have it ALL screwed up?

Hey, can someone tell me where to find this diet? I did a search in both the forums and t-mag issues, but came up blank. I went from Massive Eating to a modified T-Dawg, well, and I’m a bit tired. I’d like to check out the plan on this one. Thanks!!!

Go here for the lowdown.

John et. al.,
What are the cardio prescriptions on this diet??? I seem to remember an entire article on the “Don’t Diet” awhile back, but couldn’t find it in the archives. Any idea which issue it is in???Thanx

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