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Dont Diet Question

John M. B., I know you’ve been inundated with diet questions lately, but could you make time for one more? I read your interview on insulin and you suggested carb+prot meals early in the day and prot+fat later in the day. What do think of switching the order? My rationale is this: I like my morning coffee and by eating prot+fat, I can prevent the caffeine-induced hypoglycemia associated with carbs and caffeine. Also, I have trouble sleeping when I don’t get my carbs in the evening. In addition, when I don’t get my carbs at night, regardless of how much protein I get, I swear I shrink like a deflating balloon during sleep. Plus I piss like a racehorse several times during the night. Would the protein in the morning be sufficient to halt the nighttime catabolism? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.

John B., just bringing up to the front page, in case you missed it. Unless you’re ignoring it…(I hope not) :wink:

John? Anyone? Bueller?

I havent experimented with this approach at all so I dont know. I initially proposed it the other way for a few reasons: 1) insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance is lower at night (but I guess training can “fix” this if you train at night). 2) You could be “anabolic” (p+c) for most of the waking hours while going into fat burning mode at night (and even potentially get into ketosis over night). This is the principle for the suggestions that this could lead to simultanteous muscle gain and fat loss. 3) In addition, since most people feel crappy on low carbs, by eating the carbs during the day, these people would feel better throughtout the day. It’s not such a big deal if they feel crappy at night around bedtime. Since glycogen wont really be depleted, you shouldnt get too sluggish, but some do. I guess you could always try reversing it and seeing what happens. Id be interested in hearing your results!