don't diet question

i get it, only P+C or P+F. but what is the ratio. for instance, if i eat a omelette for my P+F meal, can i have peppers n onions? or if i have a blackened chicken salad, will the 5 grams of fat be bad? what is the cutoff for each type of meal?

10 grams of carbs in a P+F meal and 5 grams of Fat in a P+C meal.

Check the massive eating articles. The general Berardi numbers are less 10 grams carb in P+F and less 5 grams fat in P+C. But as he said recently this may vary slightly depending on meal size as well as type of carb (i.e. Fruit). I used this with slighly high post wo carbs and lost 3% BF while maintaining total body weight. I used two carb meals a day. One at breakfast and the other was during and post wo surge type concoction. Good luck.