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Don't Diet plan

Hi, I’m trying to find any article on T-Mag, where JMB discusses a good ratio of p/f/c to start off with when doing the “Don’t Diet” diet…

I’ve read every article I could find on Massive Eating, but I must’ve missed his thoughts on ratios for starting off…(ie. “I suggest you start off at x/y/z then tinker as necessary”)

What have people been starting off with on the “Don’t Diet” plan?? 40/40/20 (p/f/c)??

Any hints here would be most appreciated…

The Don’t Diet diet was reviewed in a previous “Appetite for Construction” article that JB wrote. He talks about using Massive Eating for dieting. I think it’s issue 162 or somewhere around there. Check it out!

Hey ND,
No I did check out the article…(issue 162), however he still doesn’t mention a ratio or two to start off with. He just mentions the sources of protein, carbs and fat you should have, but doesn’t really start with a macronutrient ratio (ie. the ONLY thing I do know is that I should be using the 1.0g of protein per pound of weight)…but what about carbs/fat?? Do I lower the carbs since it’s more of a weight loss plan???

that should be issue 167 (sorry)

that should be issue 167 (sorry)

I don’t recall JB talking about macronutrients for the diet. He may have suggested more protien/fat meals in the evening and protein/carb in the morning. But I don’t recall him saying anything about only getting so many grams of carbs or fat. Basically, it’s the same as Massive Eating, except you subtract 25% to get a calorie deficit. Then use the Taper or the Stagger method for fat loss. He talked about it at the February seminar, but I don’t remember off hand or have my notes handy. I’ll have to look it up and get back to you.

THanks for trying to help out ND…yup I understand all of what you said and have calculated my daily caloric intake accordingly. But maybe the actual macronutrient profile depends on what you are aiming for with the diet…(ie. more p/f meals for weight loss?? more p/c meals for weight/gain?)…I guess once I calculate the protein share of the pie, I have to play around with whats left for the fat and carbs…

Appreciate the help though man…if you can find those notes that’d be awesome…