Don't Diet or TDawg for Single Digit BF?

First off, I am 5’ 11" and 170. After some intense weightlifting I finally managed to get my bodyfat down close to about 10%. I want to get around 7-8% and have decided to start cutting. In short, I was wondering if anyone has had success in achieving single digit body fat by following JB’s “Dont Diet” or would I have to go to something more extreme, like T-Dawg diet instead?

Do you have some time table that you need to be on?

If there is a specific timetable, something like T-Dawg or Bodyopus would very well. If you do not have a specific timetable, do something milder and use T-dawg to break through plateaus.

I have recently dropped 20 pounds myself from 165 to 145 at 5’3". However, all I basically did was concentrate on GPP type stuff and change my mindset for eating.

My goal at every meal was simply to eat until I was not hungry instead of eating until I was full. Other than post workout, I did a low carb deal with lots of green vegetables. I changed my postworkout meal from liquid to solid food. Couple of scoops of protein and cheerios with some flax oil.


5’11" and 170! I think you should be thinking about gaining some mass before you cut.

So you want to be a cut 160 or 155?! You’ll disappear.

Not trying to be a dick, though it probably sounds like it. Just my .02…

Good luck either way.

If you really want to get your bf that low, then I would use the T-dawg diet, or the diet Christian Thibedeau used in his “Transforming the Beast article”. These diets will provide results quick. Although you will most likely need to add in some more carbs, as you don’t want to waste too much muscle mass. No offense, but it sounds as though you can’t afford to lose it. Hit morning cardio for 45 minutes on an empty stomach or just black coffee. This works wonders for peeling off body fat. Add that in 4 days a week, and just eat clean. Just my $.02

I have my modified T Dawg 2.0. Basically a lot of vegetables to keep you satisfied. I think it’s one of the better ones out there. Use it as a base. If you want to gain muscles, simply add more carbs. If you want to lose BF, simply replace calorie dense carbs with low calories carbs like veggies (i’m talking about shit load of veggies!). For maintenance, somewhere in the middle! You still can lose more BF by doing more workouts without making changes in the diet like for an example doing 2-3 HIIT cardio a week.

The new tendency is to keep the fat under control also during the bulking phase. Instead of going up to 18-20% body fat you don’t exceed 13-15% prior to cutting. This principle is good but the consequence I noticed reading the forums is a sort of “cutting race”.
In my opinion a valid concept is: “you cut a mass”. As Mattwray pointed out you risk to disappear.