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don't diet nutrient percentages

I just read JB’s don’t diet and i want to give it a try. I am curious about what type of nutrient ratios to use those because he never mentions it in the article. Does anyone know what i should set my pro, carb, and fat ratios at. I would like to keep carbs kind of low around 150 or less, but i wonder if JB would say different. Any ideas?

Pete: J.B. states in his articles that knowing the extent and degree of your insulin sensitivity is paramount in answering this question. Somewhere in the articles he has written, he has given ways you can calculate this.(I would search from the Home Page under “Insulin Sensitivity”).

Another way to do it is to guess, set a ratio, and adjust according to the response of your body.

For my body: 55P/25C/20F(and no lower than 20% on fat)…then I will adjust from there. Hope this helps!

JB discusses this in detail in Massive Eating, I think in part 2.

Yep…“Massive Eating: Part II”

Issue No. 147, March 9, 2001…