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Don't Diet Link

Groove asked for a link to the Don’t Diet details. Instead of further hijacking the guy’s thread I’ll just post it here. It’s in T-mag issue 167, Appetite of Construction.

Also, just as a lil feedback, I tried this diet before RenegadeTraining and I gained weight, albeit a lil muscle, but I didn't really lose fat. After I started RT with this diet, fat seems to be dropping off pretty quickly.

Thanks Dragon. I am going to be starting 1-6 principle training today and was wondering if you thought this diet might work well with this type of training.
:slight_smile: Groove

For some people it might work. For me, the 1-6 with Don’t Diet, I doubt I’d lose any weight. Unless you threw in some gpp, sprint work, and some weighted gpp. That should give your metabolism a good boost.

The thing is with me, if I'm not low carb, I'm not losing fat. So even following the don't diet, I only eat about 130g of carb a day.

I actually believe the fat loss I've experienced is mostly due to the RenegadeTraining. It stokes my metabolism unvelievably... while the don't diet, is an easy diet to follow, that I never feel hungry on.

Groove, have you thought about incorporating any of the Renegade stuff into your training? Like the kb/db circuits, ropework, gpp or weighted gpp. That stuff melted fat off my body like no other program has ever done. Jason Norcross has a cool thread up about road work… have you tried that yet?

No I can’t really do that stuff yet. I am at university and don;t have the money or space to invest. I plan on doing somethhing like that though during the summer when I am back home. Sledgehammer work etc.
:wink: Groove