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Don't Diet Diet

I’m a newbie as far as diet plans go. I’m trying to shed some bodyfat for the summer but was confused a bit with the “don’t diet diet!” I know you’re supposed to either eat protein+carbs or protein+fat, but when you prepare a p+c meal, do you exclude the fats used to cook your protein. Ex. If I’m cooking chicken to go along with some veggies, I use butter or olive oil to cook it, would this be ok even though it’s fat? And what about oils in salad dressings? Is that still ok?

In most cases, all fats are not created equal. In this case, however, fat IS fat; keep it as low as possible in P&C meals.

Get T-fal non-stick pans and you don’t have to worry about adding fat when you cook your chicken. Also, why are you cooking veggies in oil? Steam them!
Use salad as part of your fat meals, and rather than veg. oil use Udo’s choice or another flax oil and you’ll add healthy Omega-3’s and 9’s while your at it.