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Don't Diet Diet

Just Started the Don’t Diet diet…OK I confess, I am coming off of BFL. I found out through the calculations in the Appetite for Construction Article that I was wayyyy under feeding; Even for fat loss. I have made some gains under BFL but was semi-frustrated that I was not getting the Muscle gains. Now I think I know why.

Anyway, 2 questions: What should my nutrient breakdown be? (I am 169, 10% BF) And any good menu ideas for P+F meals.


Macro breakdowns are very tough to predict. I’d say start around an isocaloric breakdown and keep a detailed food and exercise log for 8 weeks. Then switch it up and try a different breakdown for 8 weeks. Keep fiddling around until you’ve found your optimal range.

Secondly, just pay attention to body composition changes to determine if a certain macro change is positively or adversely affecting you.

As for P&F meals, the list is endless. I'm sure you could search for some and have some god luck, but a favorite of mine is Chocolate low carb grow, naturaly peanut butter and flax oil. Another is a bed of greens and mixed veggies, olive oil, vinegar, some form of cheese and some form of meat.