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Don't Cross the 'Left', Cosby


Bill Cosby learned that the hard way.

A well respected black man offered an opinion that DIDN'T fuel racial tension and blame the white man for everything. Imagine that!


He then offered an opinion on Ferguson that didn't sit well with the "powers that be".


But the fucking progressives can't have that! So after decades of silence, an accuser steps forward. And another...

Just A FEW SHORT WEEKS after Cosby spoke out... Coincidence?

Why do you think they are stepping forward after all these years of silence? Why now?
Who do you think paid them?

Bill Cosby is a good man and it pisses me off that the left will stop at nothing to further their fucking agenda.

They'll ruin a man's legacy because he dared to cross them.

Does anyone think that this isn't fucking OBVIOUS?


Your post seems a bit conspiracy theory to me.

Now, I usually don't get involved in threads like this, even though I may read the discussion. However, I'm wondering, do you not think it is possible to have the views he has and ALSO be a scumbag rapist?

These allegations have been going on during most of the 2000's.


Just like Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber said, the voters are too stupid to understand.


This is like saying Cosby couldn't be a rapist because he was lovable Cliff Huxtable on TV. " The viewers are to stupid to understand Cliff Huxtable isn't a real person."

While I understand why you posted this, I don't see how what AC is claiming has the same weight.


No, my comment was suggesting people were too stupid to see it's an attempt by the Left to flame Cosby because he didn't go with them in lock step.

The Left loves diversity, just not of thought or opinion.


I guess I'm questioning the validity of "the Left is doing this intentionally". AC went as far as to suggest "the Left" is paying these people to come forward.

Why does it have to be a conspiracy? Can't it just be Cosby has these views and is also a rapist without it being by design? Seems like grasping for straws to me.

AC himself said "Cosby is a good man". Isn't it just as likely AC has fallen prey to Cosby's PR machine? Is Cosby NOT a rapist because AC thinks he's a good man?


Sorry, it's right out of the Saul Alinsky playbook, and they do it repeatedly.

There IS a conspiracy to manipulate the news and promote a certain agenda. I mean, it's been busted repeatedly --- remember the "Jornolist" board where certain news organizations met to spread the Democrat Talking Points of the day?

Many, many reporters have come out talking about the conspiracy, from Bernie Goldberg to Sharyl Attkisson. See here:


Picking out Bill Cosby because he refused to play the game (even though he is a liberal) is part-and-parcel of their thug approach --- you leave the plantation, you lose our "protection."

The examples of this are too numerous to ignore, even if I didn't personally know many talent agents/lawyers who discuss this very issue.


I'm normally with you boys on most of this, but this has been going on with the Coz for around 20 years.

And unless Hannibal Buress (the comedian who brought it back to light during a show a couple months ago) is a leftist stormtrooper, this theory is a little light in the loafers.


Yes and no. While the charges may not have been created, why after 20 years is it suddenly on the front page? Because a comedian talked about it? Really?


The timing is interesting, but anyone who is familiar with the panoply of revelations about British television stars following operation yewtree may know this isn't the only dirty laundry the entertainment industry is hiding.


I read about it on TheChive, it snowballed pretty quickly. And Cosby went radio silent almost immediately. If you were innocent, should you not be filing lawsuits left and right? Not settling them out of court.


It could be a reaction to the "Streisand Effect." A backlash often makes the problem worse, so he could be choosing to ignore it.
If he goes loud, he may never hear the end of it.


Even if it is so that the Left has intentionally paid someone to come out, on top of the others in the past, does this automatically make Cosby not guilty of rape though? Since the Left is doing this for political gain, does it make Cosby, as AC puts it, "a good man"?

I think it's more probable the Left is orchestrating this than Cosby being not guilty. Which, in my opinion, isn't near the same as dragginga very probable innocent man's name through the mud for the same purpose.


Maybe for the same reasons Woody Allen's name came up after all these years. Has Allen said anything against the Left agenda for that to happen?


I don't think Cosby is a rapist because he has never been convicted of or charged with RAPE. All we have is the word of some one who doesn't remember if she did or did not have sex with him. Did he RAPE her? Or did he rape her? Or did he "rape" her? 20 years ago...

It's a little late to get a rape kit. It's also a little late to present ANY kind of substantial evidence. I think it's a fair statement that Bill Cosby will not be CONVICTED of raping anyone.

Did he do in? How the fuck should I know - I wasn't there. Is it in line with what I perceive to be his character? No it is not. Did Bill Cosby go against the grain "politically" very recently before any of this shit was brought up? Yes he did.

Are we innocent until proven guilty in this country? YES WE ARE.


For someone to wait years to come out with a rape allegation, it makes me question the accuser more than the rapist. Someone who waits that long wants money or attention, not much else.

Bill Cosby is not known for being in the media repeatedly, especially in a negative light. Had they accused Charlie Sheen, it would be a more credible accusation.

I look at patterns of behavior, and when it comes to Bill Cosby, he seems like a guy who would talk you to sleep. I am not saying he is innocent BTW. The timing on is very suspect.


Why do you keep honing in on ONE SINGLE PART of my entire post? Who gives a fuck if he's a good man or not? That was not my point at all. My point is that HE CROSSED THE LINE AND RECEIVED RETALIATION.

Bill Cosby has been a well respected artist for DECADES. Why is it such an outrageous assumption for me to say in passing that he's "a good man"? Every human being on the planet has made mistakes or decisions they are not proud of or would do differently if given a "redoux". Did Cosby use his status as a celebrity to have sex with women? Probably! Why else would someone be a celebrity? That doesn't mean he raped anyone. It also doesn't mean that famous men aren't targeted for money after the fact. HE PAID HER so that she would shut up and go away. That's the price you pay sometimes when you are famous. That CERTAINLY isn't an admission of guilt or a factor that would point to whether or not an alleged rape actually occurred.

SO, do YOU have any EVIDENCE that Bill Cosby is a BAD man? If not, stop chapping my ass about my casual statement that he's a good man.


Woody Allen isn't black. This is race baiting issue and Bill Cosby, a well respected BLACK MAN, tried to suggest that <<>> there MIGHT, JUST MAYBE, be some responsibility to be taken by individuals for their own situation. I know, I know, that's a completely ridiculous notion (for which he paid the price).


It's not like it's one chick coming out 20 years later. There have been numerous accusations over many years. I like the "innocent until proven guilty" fall back. Because none of these settled out of court, right? Oh, wait, they did. Just because he hasn't been convicted doesn't necessarily mean he didn't do it.


Because that's the part I had the most problem with.

Whatever. You used the "good man" statement to bolster your assertion and make it look even worse that the Left was dragging this guy through the mud for their gain. I think there's a bit of backtracking here now calling your statement "casual". Not to mention your defense of him automatically saying the girls making the accusations were just gold diggers. I'm not surprised you would say it, however, given your posting history.

Do YOU have any EVIDENCE these girls did it JUST for money? Or is it just your personal bias coloring your perception of the situation?