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Don't Blame Your Supplements!


I just feel like posting this thread as a reminder to some and maybe an eye opener for some newbies.

1.) Never blame your supplements for your lack of progress.

If you buy a "weight gainer" and it doesn't put "weight" on you, then it is not the weight gainer's fault but your own. You are not getting enough calories in, eat more!

"But I eat a lot"

NO YOU DONT! Excess calories build muscle or fat which equals weight....eat more.

If you buy a fat burner and you don't lose fat or possibly get fatter while taking it, then it is your diet that is at fault, not the supplement! I'd then ask you how is your diet? If the first words of your mouth start out as "ummmm...well...I'm eating ok" stop right there! Fix your diet.

2.) Don't take something just once and expect dramatic results. It takes time and patience and last but not least hard work and dedication. Stick with it and the results will show.

I'm tired of hearing "my friend got this creatine and he put on 20lbs while I didn't gain anything." Shut up and keep taking it or stop. It doesn't work that fast, nothing does. Even anabolic steroids and other hormones can take weeks before they show results, what makes you think that a "supplement" will work even faster.

3.) Remember what these products are. They are Dietary "supplements" not replacements or miracle drugs. The message is to get your diet in check and "supplement" as needed to improve performance.


Sorry but too many people have been completely clueless around me lately and I felt like posting this thread. Feel free to add to it as you wish.



if the media wasn't so anti-bodybuilding then no one would ask these stupid questions


wait so a protein shake around training and a shitty diet wont make me big, shit lol. Im totally jk lol


HEY! I find this VERY offensive. I eat shit and all I take is fish oil and protein and I get pretty damn good results.I'm almost 200 lb. (started at 140 lb) boo ya!


take it very offensive.

When that stops working for you, then don't think your supplements went bad...

the key in your paragraph is "started at 140lb" if you eat and lift at that weight then you grow no matter what.

When your 220 with 4% bodyfat and not 7 feet tall, then I'll try not to offend you.