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Don't Be That Guy...



This doesnt have much to do with nutrition or training so I put it here.

Seems like everytime I work out, I end up passing someone, or working in a station next to someone who smells like total ass...You know, the kind of ass you only get from not washing yourself oh, more than once a week.

Please dont be that guy. Wear fresh clothes to the gym and take a shower here and there.


Anyone else got some smellies in their gym?


Oh yes, yes indeedy...

There was the monster of a dude, who always wore a UCLA football jersey (#87) who stunk to high heaven. The myth was that he was homeless and that the gym let him work out for free. I seriously thought he was mentally challenged though. I'd get to the gym with my partner and say "is 87 here today? damn, he is..."

Then there's always the funky gym bag guy, who cracks the thing open in the steamy locker room to get his month old towel out from underneath his unwashed skivvies and socks...



Hmm..there doesn't seem to be anyone at my gym like that that I know of...but my gym only has about 60 members or so. Oh shit...that doesn't mean I'M that guy does it?!?!?! I do shower daily whether I need it or not...:slight_smile:


I try not to get that close.
As a matter of fact, if you can smell how many days it's been since I've last showered then you are too close--please step back.

Please also note--some people's sweat is very acrid smelling due to diet, biology, etc. You are in a gym where people are going to sweat so you'd either get used to it or be "that guy" that looks like a jack-ass holding his nose.


the gym is not near the laundromat. Sometimes you have to have priorities.


There is a difference between someone who has worked up a serious sweat, and someone who hasnt washed their gym shirt in three weeks.

I smell when I leave the gym. You cant notice it unless your face is in my armpit, but I smell. Im not talking about that. Im talking about the guy that you pass changing stations and can smell from a foot away.



I smell like ass and am proud of it. Works as a repellent for the dumbasses that think the gym is a social gathering. Like someone else said, if you smell me you're too close and might get hurt.

That being said, I did know this one dude who wore some kind of fuckin shirt (never figured out what, but it was like a bench shirt) every single day. There's no way he had ever washed it. He usually stayed in the nautilus section. If I walked over there to do pullups and he was within 30 feet (seriously), I had to go on to something else.


Every time I see you post I'm going to think of this quote.


One time in college my partner came straight to the gym after a several day deerhunting trip. You can keep your Westside, if you want to get some speed on the bench press, have someone with a three day woods funk spotting you.


Afraid you are. We didn't want to bring it up, but there has been this stench coming through the computer monitor and we've traced it back to you!!

Or shit! maybe its me and I'm just passing the blame. It has been a while since I had a good old fashion nut scrub!



Damn, I shouldn't have said it like that I guess. LOL.

I don't really smell like ass... oh fuck it, no point in tryin to redeem myself.


When I train on the weekends I usually haven't showered that morning, but I'm a pretty clean guy. This lead me to believe that I didn't smell that much when I trained, even as much as I sweat.

Then I smelled my still-soaked workout shirt one afternoon after training that morning and HOLY CHRIST! Some kind of uber ammonia mega tang! I only hope this develops after I've removed the shirt and it's festered for a few hours.


I just threw up in my mouth a little...


You know, in some cultures, they only eat vomit. I mean, I've never been there, but I read about it...in a book.

Yeah, stinking-gym guy is bad news, especially when he asks you for a spot. Or worse, volunteer's to spot you when you're benching...while he's wearing shorts. :shudder, flashback, shudder, shudder: