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Don't Be an Asterisk - Thoughts?


I noticed this ad in my mall in Chesapeake, Va and had to check out the website...
The message of gear use is appropriate, I feel, since it targets athletics/sports. anyway.
What are your thoughts of the actual info they present?


I like the message. Just don't think it will do anything to deter use in the crowd it's aimed at (HS athletes).


I put astericks by nonwhite women I slay.


The interwebs are broken, what is it?


yeah same on my end...wtf




I saw one of these in a gaming mag. All I could think is that they're really weren't going after the right crowd.


You know what it means if you are an asterisk?

That you are in the record books, made a shitload of money and fucked women that modeled in beer commercials.


so....be an asterisk?


It's propaganda. It is the reason no real discussion of hormone replacement therapy can take place and why there is such a stigma on male hormones all around....if you catch them early and convince them to throw the baby out with the bath water, then we can have soft, easily controlled and docile adults in 20 years who think taking control of their own aging situation is a bad thing (ie, cheating).

Where are the anti-alcohol ads? I see more of this aimed at weed and steroids when alcohol is the leading "drug" used by that age group.

It is strange that some of you "like the message" when the truth is, as a parent it is your responsibility alone to teach your kids values and standards....and lying to kids about side effects or making the subject taboo completely is a mistake....one with lasting repercussions.


Better that than a nobody, yes.

You only get one when they grudgingly have to put you in the books.


the message that winning the state championship will give you hilariously shaped melanoma?


None of this shit makes sense. This ad is targeted toward sports. We're not talking alcohol, STD's, cyber-bullying or the other milllion problems the young 'uns have to face here. If someone wants to get bombed before running a 100m sprint against me, that's just fine and dandy.

Why is it so strange if the 'message' just happens to coincide with said values and standards? And who is lying about what here? You took a simple concept out on some weird tangent.


Please. Your argument implies that there is ANY voice at all in public discussing the benefits of the uses of some of the same hormones.

Literally ALL THE DISCUSSION done on any mass scale is about sports which means that is the only message getting through....meaning the effects of treating the issue that way can be very easily predicted.


So now all the weak/docile kids will look down on the big guys. Not just the meat head weight lifting jocks but any athlete. Then when these weak/docile parents send their weak/docile and now misinformed kids to school they will go about calling names at the 'big boys'.

"HA HA Your an ASS-terisk...ass"
"Juice monkey"
etc etc etc

Yay parents! Way to endanger your kid's life.


I've always held this same view. Especially lately now that I've been noticing the ridiculous number of high schoolers/drop outs and the like who look to be maybe 12 and drink every night of the week and smoke their smokes and take their drugs.

I just dont think steroids are the issue here. In fact steroids would be an improvement. If all these kids cared so much about their looks and performance then I doubt they'd ingest any of the shit they do now.

Whats the ratio?
People who destroy their lives because of steroids:people who destroy their lives because of alcohol and drugs


Screw drugs, think alcohol alone.
Hell, in NJ thanks to some wasted teenagers I'm supposed to have orange stickers on my car indicating I'm under 21 or 18 or some crap.


SHIT! Seriously? Stickers? Thems hard times!


Enlargement of facial bones (so your jaw is chiseled and square now, woe is you)
Increased muscle growth
Rapid Weight Gain
Enlargement of heart (big heart, big pump! Plus, that guy that road a bike and had testicular cancer had a big heart, he never complained, must of been the roids)

Lies (either these are the result of not doing it right or not getting off right, or just plain lies):
Suicidal thoughts
Acne and Rashes
Oily hair
Oily skin
Cysts (pimples, scrub your face you nasty)
Extra Fat around the face
Stunted Growth
Fluid Retention
Male Breast development
Loss of appetite
Clogged arteries
Liver Tumors
Weakened immune system
Clotting disorders
Your body stops producing natural testosterone

Funny concepts:
When girls take it they look more like men, but somehow it has the opposite effect on men, strange but yet it gives you bigger facial bones and more muscle, very strange.

When you stop taking steroids, your muscles will pretty much deflate (so are muscles are like balloons and the roids are air?

Steroids = Addictive substance

Roid Rage is caused by hormonal imbalances. I thought it was caused by being a jerk.


Damn! My fat ass friends who eat nothing but fast food...they are oily, pimply, get irritable, probably have clotting and clogging. Must be roidz.

So I was talking to my father...happened to ask him if given the option for me to either
A) Binge Drink
B) Go on a cycle of HGH/Steroids

He chose "binge drinking because it is less harmful than steroids."