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Don't be an A*sterisk


So i was in reno couple of days ago and I saw a couple of ads about not doing steroids. So i decided to check out the site http://www.dontbeanasterisk.com/ .

Just thought it was interesting that there was an Anti-Steroid campaign like the Weed ones from the 'Ad Council'. Arn't all these ads aimed towards teens? I didnt know there was a steroid epidemic in high schools.


Some kids have quite a substantial excess of money, allowances, jobs, etc. Some blow it all on games, others on drugs and some on steriods. I'm not surprised.



there isn't a steroid epidemic in high schools.

the aim is to get it in their heads that steroids are 'cheating' at a young age in hopes that by the time they get to college they actually believe it and decline use. ...not that i think its going to work.


Because of my job, I get to see some of the campaigns that Ad Council does. No they're not geared only towards teens. They have things like: obesity prevention, wildfire prevention, forest conservation, credit score education, crime prevention,.....



Texas just finished their highly expensive steroid testing and I believe they found 4 people who used. Whatever the number, it was not worth the money spent on testing especially considering how the school system in this location is coming up short in areas that really matter as far as education. There is no steroid epidemic and teenagers are not the main users anyway. Grown men (white collar workers) in their 30's are the main users of those hormones making the majority of the hype we hear as far as "saving the children" complete and utter nonsense.

Ads like that go a long way towards stunting any further research or advancement as far as maintaining or even reversing the aging process. They are not doing any of us any favors.

It seems the government wants most of us dead by 65 anyway so the last thing desired is 50+ year old supermen who feel like 20 year olds and who can still have sex for hours every night.


I'll take a middle stance here, I'm pro steroid use, but against cheating. :smiley:


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So much steroid use in high schools?

So that's why there are so many ripped 130 lb guys walking around!


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I didnt know invisible posts were possible!


I would say I take the opposite middle stance, I'm anti-steroids, but for cheating. I'd be lying though, I'm pro-steroids, and pro-cheating. It's only cheating if you get caught, and if you ain't cheating you ain't trying hard enough.

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Jedi mind tricks?


I just don't get this country sometimes. Here we have a campaign against a pharmaceutical item that's deemed bad by almost everyone who doesn't have any relative experience with it. Yet the masses will enthusiastically gobble up every fucking over-the-counter pill and prescription drug for ALL sorts of preventable maladies, without any regard to the side effects and their consequences.


I just cut this from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anabolic_steroid#Legal_and_sport_restrictions

which makes the first offence simple possession of such substances without a prescription a federal crime punishable by up to one year in prison

Thats in relation to USA laws.

Has this ever been enforced? It sounds ridiculous. Up to a year in jail just for possession!


Remember that time Ben Affleck flew into a roid rage and beat the hell out of his hot bi-racial girlfriend? That shit was Awesome!


Very unlikely. Most people get fined, community service, probation...unless you have an excessive amount.

Interesting though, one guy had like $20,000 of steroids in his house and got away with just a fine, probation and community service. I'd keep that lawyer on speed dial.

I wonder how demonized steroids would be if baseball didn't exist, lol!


Major League Baseball is putting out the ads as a good will gesture


Actually, one of the main reasons for steroid prohibition given during the hearings in the late 80's and early 90's was a perceived steroid epidemic among high school and even middle school students.

EDIT: Not disagreeing with your first point, but regardless the stated goal of the legislation was to end use in high school.


Yup. Especially when you compare the numbers for steroid use to the numbers of kids smoking cigarettes or drinking underage, however because there was such a lack of research and evidence on the consequences and results of steroid use, they went for bullshit such as the sanctity of sports and the miniscule percentage of high school who were probably fucking around anyway when they claimed using steroids on those drug surveys they make you take in school.