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Don't Ask, Don't Tell



I'm sure this has been discussed here before, but in light of some comments by Admiral Mullen I thought I'd ask everyone's opinion on the "don't ask don't tell" policy.

It seems it is just a matter of time before this policy is removed. I think this would be a mistake, not because I'm against homosexuals or any of that nonsense, but repealing this policy will cause problems among the ranks for sure. If you've served I'm sure you can think of many times when having openly homosexual men or women around you would have been uncomfortable to say the least.

Any thoughts or suggestions on how to repeal of change this policy to make it better for all involved?


There are already gay people in the military. I deployed with a Soldier who was gay, everyone knew it.

It didn't effect our ability to accomplish the mission in any way.

It's not a big deal.


Right I get that and I'm not saying a homosexual can't complete the mission. What I am saying; however, is anytime you have say 70 guys in a squad bay standing butt naked for whatever reason you know there are going to be issues if an openly gay man is perceived to be checking out the other personnel.

What about boot camp? Men and women already receive separate training. Now will platoons be separated according to sexuality? How about barracks life?

All I'm saying is there will be repercussions from removing this policy and I don't think now, with 2 wars going, is the time to mess with a system that gets the job done.


who cares. they are already everywhere, and already checking you out in the gym anyway. so what. as long as they don't try to touch, they can check me out all they want....they already are, I suppose,,,,i have no idea if they are or not....never noticed. not an issue. i wonder if i have a good ass?? my wife (who is a female) thinks so,,,i know I guy at the gym i think is gay, and he says I look good. I wonder if he means "tasty". who cares. he is a great guy,,,straight or gay. not an issue.


I've served with a couple of openly gay service men and women. Nobody really cared one way or another. That being said, since this is all about equal rights. I think that if they allow openly gay men and women to serve they should provide them with their own quarters and bathrooms or make the military 100% Co-ed. I feel that if gay men and women are allowed to stay in the berthings of people they may have sexual feelings for it could cause a problem. I shouldn't have to feel as if I'm being objectified just as women shouldn't have to feel objectified by men. That's why men and women have separate accommodations now. If they want to provide equal rights to everyone then make it EQUAL. That's all I'm asking for. Equality! I don't think being a heterosexual male should mean I have less rights. I feel the same way about gay marriage. If a domestic partnership is good enough for them, then I think heterosexuals should be allowed to file for domestic partnership. For the states that gay marriage is approved for I don't think they should be allowed to file for domestic partnership. EQUALITY!!!


read what the second guy says



If there was anarchy this would not be an issue, because the only soldiers would be mercs and no one would care just like the rest of the population. And the showers would have curtains, and we wouldn't be in two wars. Just saying.


Farley O'Donnell,
Kiln Operator
"Allowing gays to serve openly in the Army is a long overdue reform, but it must be accompanied by an assurance that heterosexuals will be able to serve openly in the Navy."



That was pretty damn funny!


don't ask, don't tell, don't care....If you want to pick up a gun and fight for this country I don't care if you want to pound ass or pussy in your free time, so long as it's not a distraction to the troops, we cool.


I vote, yes with a side note of anarchy and mercanaries.


That there are gays in the military who serve just fine just shows that the issue lies elsewhere...

It should never be a public issue what someone's preferences are. The problem, as I see it, is that there is almost no legal/administrative concept of male on male sexual harassment. Women will be the first to tell you what total jerks guys with a hard-on can be, and one of my friends who is gay assured me that they don't change if you're a guy.

So with that in mind, it makes a lot more sense why many guys get edgy around gays -- and this is completely different than homophobia. We don't say a woman has issues if she decks a guy for groping her, do we? Women are more likely to integrate into the military than gay men simply because there are better policies for managing interactions in really high stress situations.

And as always, I might just be full of shit.

-- jj


On gays in the military: If there was no government running a standing army, this issue would not be happening right now. All that would matter was that you could defend property and you don't cost the company more than you are worth.


I kinda concur, BUT:
Homosexuality has a much longer tradition in the military (in fact it's a part of it) whereas women who serve is rather new (and still shaky).
So yay to homos in uniform before women in uniform.