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Don's Path - All or Nothing!

Basically i’ve been a gym rat for the past months ,but now more than ever i’ve decided to take the gym very serious . I finally found someone else who can come with me through out the week and spot me. I’ve also stuffed my brain with so much dieting information these boards that it’d be impossible for me to not gain any weight…

I’m around 5’11 hovering around 150 pounds. My main goal for these year is to reach 200lb. I know it’s going to be hard and im going to need a lot of decipline to accomplish these but im positive i’m capable of doing this…

Here are some other goals of mine-

Dumbell Shoulder Press 90 x 8
Barbell Bench 225lb x 8.
Barbell Row 135 x 8
Close Grip Bench Press 135 x 8
Squat 300lb x 5
Barbell Curl 135lb x 5

Heres my split. Got the idea from watching a dorian yates video lol…

Shoulders/Tricep(ill take a rest after this day if i don’t feel refreshed)

Here are the exercises i’m planning to do.I’d appreciate some critcism.Also most of my sets will be ramped.

Chest- Incline Dumbell Press,Flat BB Press, Incline Cable Flyes, Decline Dumbell Press

Biceps- Barbell Curl, Preacher Curls, Pinweel Curls

Legs- Squats,Split Squats,One Leg Extensions,SLDLs,Leg Curls

Calves-Smith Machine Press,Donkey Press

Triceps-CGBP,Seated Skull Crushes,Push Downs with Rope

Shoulders-DB Shoulder Press, Scott Press, Cable Laterals, Rear Delt Fly Macine

Back-Barbell Rows,Lat Pull Downs, Nuetral Grip Seated Rows, High Seated Straight Bar Rows, Rack Pulls

Traps-Smith Machine Shrugs,DB Shrugs,HS Shrugs

I’m mostly eating anyting that gives me 4000 calories and around 220g of protein…A lot of my diet is whole milk ,chicken,rice ,beans, hard salami, and chese.Wish me luck guys!