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Donny Shankle


Your the f0cking man. That is all I have to say.

Cheers Barry for the interivewing Donny.



“I thought I could kick some ass”
“I didn’t really know what a snatch was”

haha, epic
his voice is movie-war-hero-like
and you can hear bars dropping in the background

too awesome


The guys f0cking awesome man :smiley:

It’s now my pre training warm up video. The bar felt LIGHT yesterday aftering being so jacked up :smiley:



Fucking awesome!


His first Abadjiev story was hilarious


Ha, ha, ha!..Great Stuff! Thank you for the interview. Just a note though. I know a guy who trained with Abadjiev and our club coach has also attended a series of seminars that he gave in Bulgaria back in the day. We had a discussion about his training methods and how that’s the way to go. Let’s clarify though. It’s not for the younger lifters starting out. The lifter I was talking to (he is now a coach) emphasized that you start this program AFTER you have been doing your multiple sets of 3s and 4s for a few years. That was during a conversation about the best way to train two 14-yr old lifters in our club including my son. It’s also a system that is addressed to those who are already tough-in-the-mind. Great interview though. I look forward to seeing what Shankle can do soon, especially in the snatch.


Thats not me doing the interview by the way. A mate did it.

Yeah definitely agreed mate. It’s for an advanced lifter, not for a beginner. They need good technique and solid foundations before they can start hammering repeated heavy single attempts over and over!



That interview… was the best thing I’ve heard today… in the last week… prob even the last month. That was plain awesome

and x2 to the epic voice… its awesome. It’s like the fallen soul of a WWII Ranger Captain lives in his body. But then again he was Marine himself so…

Anyway, NICE!!!

Favorite quote: “You gotta pull on that bar like your rippin’ the head off a g*ddamn lion” YES!!


Donny is legendary. He has a blog and many of his posts are just awesome. He is one interesting dude.



Cheers Torelli for the blog. I did not know he had a blog!



Yes my favorite quote from Donny on the blog is in a Q and A with Donny on the blog:

Q â??So do you think about gold medals while your training?â??

A â??No , to me thinking about gold medals only gets in the way. Anyone can win a gold medal if they

work hard enough. Iâ??m trying to become a fucking legend.â??

Donny is a legend



thanks for the links Torelli

this is my favorite:

Q â??How important is technique to you?â??

A â??Like cleaning your rifle.â??

Q â??What do you mean?â??

A â??Well so many people spend their time polishing and lubricating their weapon, that they forget

while you want the damn thing clean, donâ??t forget how to un-sling your weapon and kill the enemy.

Learning technique is great but once you got it, you then have to rely on whats important to win,

and thatâ??s being stronger than the next person.â??


Pretty sweet interview.

Really like that rifle quote


[quote]IrishMarc wrote:
Pretty sweet interview.

Really like that rifle quote [/quote]


I feel that I am at that stage. Just a bit more work on my Jerk to dial it down properly and then just go at it full tilt for as long as I can manage :smiley: