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Donny Shankle FTW


Mr. Shankle answers this burning question: "Am I going to develop a big butt if I start lifting weights?"




he's got a funny thing on hand care, too:

(thanks debra for finding this!)

i love it how he hates on wrapping tape around your hand because it is wasteful...
then proceeds to use just as much wrapping tape around his wrist.
seriously, though, i tried his method for painful callouses on my palm and it seems to work pretty good!


I <3 you, Donny!

Soo Mellow.

mel·low (ml)
adj. mel·low·er, mel·low·est


  1. Rich and soft in quality: a mellow sound; a mellow wine.
  2. Having the gentleness, wisdom, or tolerance often characteristic of maturity.
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I suppose that's a good thing. A big butt is just as imposing as a pair of big arms, right?


Not a big butt, a muscular butt. Serious distinction.

And I liked the thing about hand care. Whether it was supposed to be funny or not, I know I wash the chalk off my hands after every training session (although I don't necessarily make sure to use a particular kind of soap).


I thought that video was great. I googled for ages trying to find something describing how to tape up my hands and all I could find was how to wrap them for fighters. I also had no idea how to deal with callouses and to get the thick balm as a moisturizer. As a newb without a coach, you just don't have access to this kind of info.

And Donny Shankle is awesome! Love his blog too.


his hands are probably softer than mine...

i didn't realize about the waxy moisturizer, so that was good to learn.

i don't know that a muscular butt features into male-male competition the way that muscular biceps do...

but i don't think i've met a girl who doesn't appreciate one. a great deal more than muscular biceps.


At first I thought the handcare thing was funny, but then I realised that this is what 'professionalism' is all about, doing what is necessary to get the 'edge' in and out of the gym. And while his competetion is missing or having sub-par sessions due to blisters and torn callouses, Donny's in there giving it 100%. At the top level something as simple as this could make a big difference.


I heard one interview/blog (can't remember which) where he said he still doesn't carry a mobile phone. Because it doesn't matter what happens, he doesn't want anything to interrupt his training or recovery