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Donny Shankle ATG Squat Question


Hey Coach I was watching this video:

I noticed that Donny goes down all the way. At that depth the abs from what I understand are relaxed. When the abs relax they can no longer stabilize the back and causing it to curve. How does donny keep his back straight like this? Is it the belt, hamstring flexibility, hip flexor flexibility, IT band flexibility? or a combination of all.

Even Ivan Chakarov never went down this low.....


I pretty much guarantee you that nothing on Donny is relaxed at the bottom of that squat.


Is it a biomechanics issue? If I go below parallel it's fine. If I go couple more inches past below parallel, I have been told my lower back rounds and dips. Is this an issue that can be corrected? Thanks.


Now that's depth!


Especially appropriate as you are talking about donny shankle, check out the lower body flexibility video on:


Great lower body stretch, your issue is one that can be corrected, depending on the severity it may take a bit of time and consistency with stretching/mobility on your part though


True. Most cant squat that deep. Some can. Obviously Donny can. Stretching certainly helps but there are some people whose structures just will not allow this kind of depth.


That brings a whole new meaning to atg. I have been working on getting deeper in the squat, but I'll never get down that far.


never say never