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Donnie Thompsons IPA Total


I just want to throw this out into a cluster of lifters and see what all of your opinions are. If you powerlift seriously im sure you surf powerliftingwatch.com and saw Donnie Thompsons Meet lifts on the site. If not, here is the link and I want to get other opinions on this besides the huge federation arguments and flames over on powerliftingwatch.


There was actually a thread about this on here a week or two ago actually, you should check it out.


The squat depth looked very suspect, but I wasn't sitting in judges chair, so who knows. The bench looked good, the dead looked good enough.

I don't have an opinion for the most part.
I am chasing a 2100 total- not a 2900 total- so I really don't have a dog in this fight. There seems to be an incredible amoutn of vitriole related to the judges' decision on this from some of these internet powerlifting commenters, you'd think Donnie fucked their girlfriend.


His a much better vid of Donnie's lifts: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qROD-wQ4SKg&eurl=http://www.powerliftingwatch.com/node/9775.

It's pretty disappointing, and I'll just leave it at that. The IPA has always been known for having questionable judging, and I don't think they did anything to disprove that notion. I don't think one of his lifts looked legit...his squats were high, the bench wasn't locked out, and on his deadlift his legs weren't even locked out.

This is more than a gift...now I know why he didn't go up against Bolton this year.


Who was judging that meet? It couldn't have been the same judges that have done the Cincy and C-bus Pro Ams.



He did go up against Andy. And bombed!! But then again so did Bolton.

And man, those squats were higher than Millers. And I agree with you on the deadlift. Couldn't really see well enough on the bench to comment.

I'm going to get slaughtered for this, but it seems like the American's are so concerned with keeping the highest total ever that they'll pass anything that makes it back to the racks.


I'm surprised no one's brought up his lockout on the squats too. I didn't think it look like he ever locked out, beginning or end of the lifts.

Maybe it's just his huge thighs and camera angle though.

It's there fed, they can do what they want. If they think it's more important to have the higher numbers than integrity it's their decision to make. I just hope that they are wrong in the end and people stop supporting organizations that pass off this stuff.


It seems like it's more a problem with the Supers than the other classes.

I heard that at the Westside Pro Am, all the Supers would have bombed before the bench if they didn't judge like that. That's a pretty lame excuse if you ask me. If everyone can't make depth, then they all bomb, and nobody wins the Supers, it's that simple, and in the following year, you be sure that guys will make depths, lockouts, etc.

As far as the unrestricted feds go, I think UPA has the tightest judging.


These guys CAN make depth tho. Donnie nearly hit depth with his straps down on the warm ups. He certainly got lower than with the 1200's. I believe that a lot of the time they just don't try to hit it because they know if they get close then the judges will give it to them.

And to the guy who said about the squats not being locked out... you're spot on. There's just so many other things wrong I didn't even bother saying it!


Like I stated in the Powerliftingwatch forum, i just think it was to break the record. THompson expected it, the crowd expected it, sponsors wanted it, so the judges just gave it to him. Hes still a strong ass bastard but thats just piss ass.


No doubt...I've seen video of Donnie squatting on a 11 or 12 inch box, so I know he can make the depth.

Exactly...there was already so much wrong going on with this lift that it was sort of an afterthought, but he certainly doesn't look to lockout there either.


A lot of people seem to have a problem with his total and feel like it is an embarrassment to the sport and enough is enough etc. To that end, I think all of the internet whiners should write a letter to him, or the judges, or the IPA, or whomever. Seriously. I listened to an audio interview over on Elite with Donnie and in it he jokes about how no one can say women gossip more then men because powerlifting is a male dominated sport and everyone is, and I quote, "A cackling hen". Although he had a lot of useful training info (does any care about that anymore?) in that interview, that may have been his best point.

Unless your his direct competitor, and you received different calls then him, I don't see why everyone takes an issue with this. Also, I don't think anyone who has posted on here had their WR total broke by him, so its not like anyone can make that argument either.

If the man walked into any gym I was training at, the last thing I would care to talk to him about is powerlifting gossip. Unfortunately, I can see him getting a lot "what do you think about that whole powerlifting watch thread?" questions.



I'd agree with this. there are a few reason why the judging is iffy, but depth can be hit. I saw some squats that looked literally 4" high when I saw them on video from the front that were good. i actually watched these from the side down at the hip/knee level of the lifter. And I was a National judge in the past BTW, som I have some experience.

Part of this is due tot he monolift and the heavier suits. Of course this will lead to some guys cutting corners and a lot of nonsense.


The IPF lovers and Raw nazis can say what they want.

As a 132 pound female, Donnie will never be my competitor, but I still take issue with his new "world record". The "highPA" and other multiply feds have a bad reputation for passing anything.

From what I've seen, squats that are 5 inches high and deadlifts that were never locked out haven't gotten passed at the multiply meets I've attended. If he had executed those lifts in the same way at another meet (even another IPA meet) he would have bombed. Donnie's entire total was a gift, and to pass it off as legit, as the IPA attempting to do, is disgraceful.


What does being a direct competitor have to do with the price of tea in China??? Correct judging is correct judging no matter who the lifter is!

Are you insinuating that if you're an "elite" lifter, you should have different judging criteria???

I actually compete with these guys at various meets, and while I'm not at their same level, when we're at the same meets, I'd like to know that my lifts are being judged the exact same way as the rest. If anything, this just validates their own success when one can go back to a video and prove that all of the judging was fair.


I have never given my opinion as the whether the lifts were good or not good. What I am saying is that a lot of people are very offended by this as it appears, yet the extent of what is going to happen is an argument or bashing on an internet forum. Posts from anonymous people or people with screen names isn't going to change anything. I even said that if I were in your position (attending the same meet, being under the same conditions and getting DIFFERENT calls) I would be pissed also.

My point I guess is that a thread like this will do nothing but bash this guy as a lifter (and as a person if you check the PL watch thread) and thats not going to change anything.

Do you see what I am saying?



I absolutely get that. My point is that what change will come from a thread like this? Is the IPA going to change their decision? Does the lifter even read this forum? I'm speaking generally now, but people want to act or seem very offended by this, yet all that will happen is they will vent under a screen name on a forum. Again, I'm speaking generally.



No, not at all.

How can you defend poor judging?

Regardless if it impacts my totals or not, it impacts the other person who did actually have the World Record, and so on.

It validates nothing outside of the IPA is a questionable fed, at least IMO.


The conclusion people should draw from threads like this is that records set in the IPA are a fucking joke.


Poeple are offended as it makes a mockery of the sport they are involved with. Hence they make their opinion know on whatever relevant forums they are a member of. That's what forums are about, sharing opinions! It dosn't mean we all believe the IPA are gone overturn the lifts because people disagree!

At the end of the day it's not my fed, if it was I'd be F'in fuming. It dose however 'apear' to be a problem of US Multi-ply lifting. Wear whatever you want on the platform, but don't bastadise the lifts to do so.

When it comes to the 3 powerlifts, powerlifters should lead the way in their execution. 1/2 squats and dodgy benches belong to the 'Bro bicep brigade'! Strict lifting is a must.

I have had the pleasure to briefly meet Donnie and he was a class act. It is obvious he is STRONG AS HELL! He can do better and I hope he dose.