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Donnie Thompson Totals 3,000!!!


Donnie has finally done it, first man to hit a 3,000 lb total. Regardless of how many plies of material he was wearing, what drugs he was on, or the fed he was in. He deserves recognition and respect for what he has done. Something no other human has! Congrats Donnie!

He went 1265-950-785

vid of his squat- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3D4Vp5NBoQQ&feature=youtu.be


Well, I've got mine ready.


Wholly Cow!


Awesome! I'd love to total 2200, he had it before the deadlift. Just a freak.


x2 far too much whining on the interwebz about this crap. Congrats to him.


So do ya'll think he'll hit the 1300 mark? Regardless, it'll certainly be fun to see if he does.


Should be fun...


...no matter your definition of appropriate depth. Ha!


LOL well played.


It's clear he has it in him. Look at all of these attempts with 1250+ he makes them look easy. Its more a matter of if his equipment will allow him to hit depth and manhandle that weight like he intends. He had such a huge day though. I imagine he will ease up on training and wait until 2012 to compete again. To me the most impressive thing about today was his 950 bench. Biggest full meat bench ever. This guy is not even a bench specialist and he is hitting #'s that only the top 4 or 5 guys can hit AS SPECIALISTS. I speculate that he could hit a 1,000 lb bench if he took a few months to specialize. what do yall think?


Sounds like it was a great meet for a lot of the guys. Hoff took the best lifter prize for a 2910 total, Chad Smith squatted 905 in belt and wraps @ 308, Laura Phelps totalled 1800, Cartinian hit 2300 for a new all-time WR total @ 181, and Donnie did this. BIG.


Won't more weight make hitting depth easier? Or no?

Seems likely


Won't more weight make hitting depth easier? Or no?

My understanding of lifting gear is it makes the eccentric portion easier. Because of the strength of the suits, shirts, etc it's harder to get full depth, the more you do the concentric the more it's trying to do the eccentric. At least that is my understanding, if it's incorrect someone please correct me as I'm curious.


There's also the fact that your head feels like its going to explode for the duration of the lift.


anyone have any vids of his other lifts?


Donnie is like the Stay Puft Marshmallow man composed pretty much entirely of iron and pure fuck off crazy


Not a powerlifter so this is coming from an outside eye, but his depth looked pretty good to me. Maybe not exactly parallel, but pretty damn close. To think that he had an over 2 grand total with deads still on the table is insane.


whoa whoa whoa.. hoff totaled 2910?!?!


Needless to say the SPF is taking a bashing over the squat depth, AGAIN, on every other forum that this is posted on. The guy dips, trying to break parallel, at the bottom with over 1200lbs on his back. That's F'ing crazy. He has legs like oak trees, and he's wearing a custom suit with knee wraps.

I was not there as I side judge, and neither were any of the jack holes bad mouthing the SPF. Someone posted some old footage last week of 1980's PL in Alabama. Were some squats high? Yes they were. If you get three whites when you squat. You are going too low.


Congrats to him, I know he's been trying for awhile. On depth, it is what it is. I'd take Chad's raw 905 squat any day over Donnie's, just a totally different lift. Still Donnie is massivly strong. I'll leave with this thought.

1265 squat

785 pull

480lb difference in the two lifts......