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Donnie Thompson Totals 2905


First 2900 lbs total. Needed an 855 deadlift to be Mr. 3000


Wow, and I thought Chad Aichs was going to be the guy to go over 3K first.


1235-910-760; unbelievable!


Jesus Christ.

Hes going to make 3k soon, Im sure of it.



How does his bench rank for all-time highest bench presses in a 3 lift meet? I remember when 900 fell. I guess this isn't a record?

3000 is on the way!


I believe it's the highest full meet bench to date.

Was the deadlift raw? I saw a picture but couldn't tell.


900 is the highest bench in a full meet. I don't know if the pull was raw but I do know he hurt something on his last squat and tore what ever muscle it was on his last pull.


I haven't seen a video/picture but I remember reading that he pulls raw.

Insane total.


His squat opener was 1155!!


Donnie's third squat attempt


I think Donnie is the only person to have benched 900 in a full meet


fucking crazy do u think if he suite dup for deads hed have it ?


He probably wouldn't be able to get down to the bar w/ the suite, and that's normally why these guys just go raw for DL.


It doesn't really matter.

He's done an 800+ Squat and 800+ Deadlift raw in competition. I think that was back in 2004.


According to Powerlifting watch he had the highest ever bench and 2nd highest squat in a 3 lift meet.

Some lifters find deadlift suits awkward and can get into a better starting position without one. I'd have to assum that if he got much carryover from a DL suit he would be using it there.


SICK! Cannot even comprehend that really. Sounds like if he would not have been injured, he may have gotten the 3k.

Have not seen any good videos yet, anybody have one?



Agreed. You dont have the highest total ever and not already know the basics of what does and does not work for you.

Getting to the bar to pull conventional in gear is awkward at best for me at 181, I can only imagine how difficult that would be for someone who weighs literally twice what I do like Donnie does.


Seriously? I think he would know that best, don't you?


Find me this suit that gives a conventional puller 100 pounds to their raw max! It must be made of gold!


This man is a beast. that squat is the greatest thing I have ever seen. 1235-910-760 Jesus thats superhuman strength right there.